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Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Datto SIRIS is a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) solution built specifically for managed service providers (MSPs) to keep their clients’ businesses running in the wake of an IT disaster.

According to Gartner, the average cost of enterprise network downtime is $5,600 per minute, which equals more than $300,000 or £240,000 per hour. Datto created SIRIS exclusively to address this issue. It enables MSPs to ensure their customer’s business is always on and resilient to disasters, with an all-in-one solution that includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualisation and ransomware detection and protection.

Datto SIRIS was originally launched in 2011 and updates are released as required, as frequently as bi-weekly or monthly. It is intuitive to use, reliable, it improves efficiency and scalability, and it eliminates costly downtime. SIRIS can be deployed quickly, a backup captured and protection activated within just minutes, giving customers full peace of mind that they are prepared for every type of disaster. Additionally, it is backed by Datto’s secure, private cloud with locations worldwide, so businesses have full control over where their data resides. If a disaster occurs, MSPs can restore directly from the Datto Cloud or quickly spin up a virtual server to keep the business running.

More than 80,000 SIRIS devices have been deployed, protecting more than 260,000 servers worldwide.

Unique, differentiating features of SIRIS include:

All new SIRIS 4 appliances. SIRIS 4 includes an innovative combination of state of the art components to give MSPs the most reliable and performant backup appliance yet. The New SIRIS 4 includes a high endurance cache drive (SLOG) - powered by Intel’s Optane NVMe technology - to support MSPs across increasingly complex disaster scenarios and IT environments. It also features Intel's cutting-edge Skylake and Cascade lake CPUs which includes the latest security technology to protect against hardware threats. The result: MSPs can virtualise multiple systems in under one minute, virtualise more agents per appliance, and ensure clients’ heavy-duty apps run seamlessly. The appliances also include self-healing ECC memory, alongside new and improved software RAID configurations with advanced SLOG functionality: reducing failures, ensuring consistent backups, and dramatically improving data access speed. With SIRIS, MSPs get an enterprise-grade BCDR appliance that’s designed specifically for them - allowing them to provide the highest quality of BCDR service to customers no matter how complex their needs are.

Inverse Chain Technology leverages the snapshot and clone capabilities within an open source file system for efficient storage management. Inverse Chain provides freedom over other types of traditional chain backup, enabling more frequent, flexible, and ransomware resilient backups.

Advanced Backup Verification uses local verification application and service verification, as well as screenshot verification. Datto provides support for custom verification scripts to verify that all aspects of the system are being backed up.

Rapid Rollback is a tool designed specifically for disaster scenarios that negates the need for MSPs to perform a complete restoration of the system. The tool runs automated comparison checks between the existing system files and the backup and only fixes what needs fixing.

Bare Metal Restore (BMR) with Fast Failback is a restoration tool for affected systems that need to be completely rebuilt from a backup. While the BMR is in progress, with Fast Failback customers can continue to run their business in a virtualised state while that same data is copied over to the system that is being restored.

Ransomware Detection actively monitors backups using several proprietary methods for detecting the presence of ransomware, and notifies the administrator if ransomware is found.

Instant Virtualisation server images can be booted locally on a Datto device or in the secure Datto Cloud, instantly. Should a disaster occur, business can continue as usual in the Datto Cloud.

How does the product break with conventional ideas in its field?

BCDR solutions are typically built for enterprise IT departments, so for most MSPs, who by their nature need to serve a large number of smaller customers, they would be too expensive and a poor fit.

In addition, many vendors don’t offer a comprehensive solution which offers the full functionality required by MSPs, including backup, restore, failover (virtualisation) and a private cloud. Most vendors don’t offer ransomware detection either, and those that do add configuration time and extra costs to their BCDR offering. This means MSPs are left cobbling together solutions from multiple vendors in order to be able to offer a comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery service to their customers.

Datto SIRIS on the other hand was specifically designed for MSPs’ and their customers’ needs, with resilient backup options, backup verification, rapid rollback for fast system restoration, and proactive ransomware detection. Datto supports its MSP partners with a full range of services including direct-to-tech support, sales/marketing resources and MSP-centric pricing, so MSPs can focus on providing maximum value for their customers while keeping them safe from any IT disaster

MSPs using Datto SIRIS benefit from a guaranteed flat cost solution with no changes to the monthly cost – no matter how much storage they use in Datto’s cloud, how much technical support they require, or how many updates they install.

How does it go beyond marginal improvements that already exists?

SIRIS uses Datto’s patented Inverse Chain technology, which leverages the snapshot and clone capabilities within an open source file system for efficient storage management. It provides the most efficient backup and disaster recovery available, while supporting the greatest variety of recovery options. The result is a more efficient and resilient backup solution, a more affordable unified business continuity model, faster recovery, and a DR solution that seamlessly extends to the Datto Cloud.

Datto pioneered Screenshot Verification to give MSPs the ability to automatically verify backups which will boot reliably in a disaster scenario. With Datto Advanced Backup Verification, MSPs can run the verification when the backup is taken, significantly speeding up disaster recovery.

Compared to a full BCDR solution from other vendors, the costs of running Datto SIRIS are significantly less than any other solution in the market. There is less administration, less setup required (because almost everything is automated out of the box), and MSPs benefit from the help of an entire development, support, and go to market team provided by Datto.

All updates are managed by Datto and 24/7/365 direct to tech support and offsite seeding is included, providing a single pane of glass management.

How do customers benefit from the product?

Datto SIRIS enables full recovery from an attack within 24 hours or less. When it comes to ransomware attacks, the cost of business downtime is usually ten times greater than the actual ransom requested: MSPs report that the average ransom request is around £3,375, but the average cost of business downtime related to attacks is over £36,000. So, being adequately protected against ransomware is imperative for any business.

Sometimes, ransomware can compromise backups, preventing companies from recovering their data. Through Inverse Chain technology, SIRIS protects backups from being compromised in this way by ransomware. SIRIS can also scan every backup to ensure it is free of ransomware, not corrupt, and includes all necessary data, ensuring successful recovery.

Datto SIRIS can be fully adapted to each customer’s specific needs. It can be delivered as a hardware appliance that is sized to fit the use case, as a virtual appliance in the private or public cloud, or by building the SIRIS image onto a repurposed, existing BDR appliance or other hardware. There is a monthly recurring cost that covers the total solution package.

This package includes a five-year hardware warranty and infinite cloud storage or time-based retention-based storage using Datto’s two geo-replicated data centres.
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