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Turning Customer Experience into a Driver for Innovation

Customer experience (CX) is the only consistent enabler for innovation, in a technology market that is continually changing. At Tata Communications, we have recognised that customer experience underpins Digital Transformation strategies, the deployment of new technologies and collaboration and innovation with customers.

If an organisation doesn’t have a specific and dedicated vision for customer services, they will fail to support the next wave of innovation in global ICT. It’s not enough to just troubleshoot issues or provide a help desk, CX has to ensure the successful delivery of new services and innovation.

CX has become one of the most core competitive advantages in global ICT and that’s why we have taken specific steps to be a leader in this area.

Simplifying and Accelerating Digital Transformation Journeys

The new reality for global businesses is Digital Transformation. They now need to increase the speed at which they deliver solutions and must also consider the complexities of deployment in a more complicated environment.

Here at Tata Communications, we go beyond the basics of SLAs and helpdesks. We want to understand our customers’ businesses, stakeholders and unique needs. We built a service wrap, merging our service, sales and marketing teams, to create our Customer Success Group. We are the team that can meet customer needs in responding across multiple regions without borders.

• Program Management and Service Delivery - give customers’ projects that best start and finish with our expertise and proven methodologies

• Service Assurance - ensures customers’ enterprise stays one step ahead, with our comprehensive, always connected support services

• Personalised Support - services drive customers’ operations forward with the best in class, personalised support services

• Advanced Solutions Delivery – we give customers the chance to complete end-to-end lifecycle service for large critical projects, taking the pain out of business transformation

• Service Management – customers receive outstanding support from a service management team that’s your voice in our organisation

This new team helps to support our customers on their digital journey, enhancing their experiences and user productivity, as well as helping them manage business risk. By investing in these systems, we can reduce process and response times across our customer journeys to a few hours, rather than the industry standard of a few days. This demonstrates our expectational customer service.

“I really appreciate the way you have supported and helped us to configure the network in such a short time after it got handed over to you. Moreover, thank you for giving us the confidence whenever I spoke to you. Every time I felt as if I were talking to my own team member/colleague. It really gave us the confidence and changed the perception we had about TCL, and for that credit goes to you and your team who worked extra time and went out of your way to help us. At every stage whenever we spoke, we had the confidence that we were interacting with right team who understood our issue. Once again, thanks to all the team members who were directly or indirectly associated with this assignment.”
-- CIO, Logistic Company

Delivering a Differentiated Service Offering

To further support the changing needs of customers, we have developed a customisable approach to deliver service experience. Customers can decide what service levels they want, as well as the levels of interaction and collaboration with our teams. The differentiated services are designed to support the unique needs of customers and simplify customer relationships.

• BESPOKE- Co-create with customers

This service pack identifies the need for the highest level of customisation and customer experience with a focus on collaboration, business planning and co-creation. This service feature includes an onsite Customer Success Manager (CSM), bespoke reporting and governance, access to our customer advocacy program, innovation workshops, and first access to new technology.

• CUSTOM – Transforming businesses through customer support
The Custom service pack aims to transform our customers’ digital programmes and infrastructure by innovating together. These customers need round the clock support to ensure successful execution of their often-complex digital transformation projects.

• PRIME- Accelerate your digital journey
Helps our customers accelerate their business transformation by delivering increased personalisation, support, communication and insights. This segment benefits from our strong analytics, proactive advice and strong solution mapped interventions that are generated by our centralised support team.

• DIGITAL – Access to a smooth integration
Helps our customers integrate their digital transformation goals powered by our standard SLAs, omni-channel access, digital tools and workflows. Customers who are embarking on their digital transformation journey can hugely benefit from this service pack due to our experienced team, insights, network, process and analytics.

“Thank you so much for your support in getting this upgrade completed during the need of the hour. Based on your support, we were able to meet our critical business requirement. We appreciate the kind of dedication showed and coordination done with all stake holders which helped us to achieve our stringent deadline. Thanks to you & your team for all the help & support on this upgrade. We look forward to getting similar kind of support for all our orders as always.”
-- Lead Global Network Operations, Service and Consulting Company

Investing in Customer Experience

At Tata Communications, we recognised from the beginning that investing in CX would create a unique selling point (USP) within the industry. We have invested over $2.5 million in our transformation by developing an insight-based approach, with a focus on differentiating with ease of use, accessibility and superior customer experience.

Our investment in CX and engagement allowed us to secure an 11-point increase in our Net Promoter Score (NPS) from 44 to 55, a strong 450+ customer reference base, and 70+ reviews on Gartner Peer Insights with an 85%+ rating of 4-5/5.

Our customers have seen an immediate impact on the experience they receive when working with Tata Communications and we see this as a driver for our long-term growth.

When our customers receive an optimised service experience, we can both grow together. It is a win-win.

“We have seen a rocket improvement in Tata Communications’ operations services. We
started the year with high expectations of the quality standards we expected to receive.
Month after month and thanks to Tata Communications’ exhaustive work, we managed to
jump from a non-compliance of most of the quality KPIs to a 100% compliance at the end of
the year.”
-- Lead Vendor management, Telecommunications Company

Going Beyond Existing Offerings

While most international telecoms operators have a customer service function, they are usually focused on a reactive approach that no longer matches customer needs. They have refined their approaches to ticketing and troubleshooting but have not fully integrated into the service offering like we have at Tata Communications.

Customer experience at most telecoms companies remains a necessary cost rather than a differentiator. It is something that comes after a service has been purchased and not factored into the entire customer journey. This traditional approach no longer aligns with customers who need tailored support and new levels of reliability and trust, as they try to make transformation a success.

We have made service experience part of our growth strategy and a key pillar of our entire service offering. We have positioned customer experience at the forefront of our support for customers’ Digital Transformation and see it as absolutely core to our future.