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To address the recognised issue of unmanaged software assets and limitations of current tracking technology , TBSC was successfully granted to develop SSEP - an advanced, highly accurate universal SaaS tracking tool that will enable organisations to reduce costs ($4.5M/year/large-organisation), improve efficiency and compliance by Innovate UK.
SSEP is an affordable, universal platform with global scalability. SSEP will take <1-hour to provision ready for set-up (as opposed to days) and merely requires the customer to provide contract and renewal information, along with permissions for SSEP to plug into and draw usage data from SaaS vendor accounts to be able to verify the data and provide a more accurate report. Unlike other tools, SSEP will take multiple data feeds from URL tracking, third party database (Microsoft-Azure-Active-Directory/HR-platforms/financial-systems/enterprise-resource-planning) to SSEP own discovery in order to provide a complete picture of what applications are subscribed, in use and by whom. By using AI, SSEP will show user how to optimise and re-harvest unused subscription licenses. Power BI helps to improve the interface. SSEP will be deployable in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace which anyone from anywhere can purchase, deploy and scale without restriction. The platform will offer prepared monitoring features for customers, so they can "click-and-add" extra service monitoring. TBSC will run user-requirement workshops to clarify specific user-needs and the optimal approach to system architecture development.
[1] Reducing unused SaaS subscriptions from 15-35% to <5%, giving significant cost savings (potentially $4.5M/year) and high ROI (>10-years). A major client of TBSC reports they waste €3M/year (~25% of their subscription payments) on unused SaaS based CRM subscriptions alone.
[2] Minimise further spending - organisations can foster innovation from the re-harvesting of licensing funds. One TBSC customer deployed new technologies from a vendor without increasing overall spend by reducing unused SaaS subscriptions by 70%.
[3] Improve efficiencies by implementing new productivity tools which reduce manual processing, cut paperwork errors and speed-up reporting times.
[4] Universal-tool, can be used on all subscription-based applications, adding efficiencies across different applications and from software into information services and IOT subscriptions.
[5] Helps to combat software piracy, avoiding situations where companies copy and illegally use software out of compliance with licensing rules.
[6] By knowing user-usage, software suppliers can add new features to keep subscriptions in place.
[7] Job creation & promoting social-ecosystem. One client of TBSC is actively promoting home working to employees in disadvantaged areas by using online SaaS. Improved work life balance with increased usage of SaaS applications which can be used from home or office or whilst on the move. Improved flexibility for workers with time constraints. Improved job-sharing possibilities.
[8] Alignment with UK policy and ISO standards on secure cloud computing services and disruptive CT concepts where data integrity and relevant facts are provided to show who is using what and for how long. GDPR requires organizations to ensure that customer and employee data is used for approved purposes. Active monitoring of usage patterns ensures that access is kept in line with approved tasks.
[9] Sustainability through reduced wasted resources and infrastructure. Improved adaptability and re-harvesting of subscription which release IT budgets for other projects.
Regional: skills development/employment/65% export potential.

TBSC is an established supplier of innovative software solutions. Project success will significantly extend their market position. Target users (initially organisations 5k+ employees) will adopt the solution due to its unique value proposition: Affordable; high ROI (>10-years); improved accuracy in monthly SSEP reports compared to manual scripts, leading to significant savings (potentially $4.5M/year) and vastly improved efficiencies and compliance. All R&D is delivered within the UK, with relationships with end-users and networks, and confirmed freedom-to-operate in all targeted territories.
TBSC have an established route to market with existing customer installs around the world and active partnerships in US/Eastern-Europe/Australia/NZ/Japan. Multiple channels will aid rapid adoption: [1] existing customers: Roche/Astex/Chugai/Genentech/Carpet Right/UK-Councils and other public sector existing partners including Software license vendors e.g. LSPs -- Softcat, Bytes, West Coast; Managed service/audit organizations/Big-4-accountants, contract in place with Deloitte; Key partners SaaS suppliers/vendors: Raynet-GmbH/Aspera-Group/AnglePoint with presence in UK/US/DE/FR/US/Japan. Working with Department of International Trade to run end user requirement events Collaborate with Microsoft, Red Hat and other prime vendors to validate the end-user requirements and recruit channels to market. A prime vendor is launching a partner to partner marketplace and TBSC is already in discussions to access this as a channel to gain worldwide distribution channels.
Business model (verified)/growth: SSEP subscription flat rate is £1 per month per user (40% discount for 3- year subscription), ~150% annual revenue growth.
Year-1: 10 new customers, £1.35m revenue, £32k loss (40% UK/40% US/20% Europe), 0.4 % market share. 14 jobs created.
Year-3: 48 customers (23-new, 25-existing), £5.67m revenue, £1.18m profit (30% UK/50% US/20% Europe), 1.9% market share. 26 jobs created.
Year-5: 205 customers (150-new, 100-existing), £9.99m revenue, £3.35m profit (25% UK/62.5% US), 8% market share (vs. total addressable target customers). 35 jobs created.
Realistic (yet conservative as only based on our immediate target markets) projections based on competition, growing demand (at both market and customer levels) for software tracking technologies and our connections/credibility in the market. Cumulative 5-year revenue gives ROI on project costs of 7743% (ROI on profit of 1765%). R&D work will be protected by patent/design rights (owned by TBSC) or remain as know-how. Monthly reviews of IP generation opportunities.
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