Pure Storage - Digital Transformation Company of the Year
Pure Storage
Digital Transformation Company of the Year
Entry Description
Pure Storage believes that data is strategic to customers’ digital transformation journeys. Data requires innovation and investment, especially as new application architectures are driving unprecedented levels of performance, parallelism, and multi-cloud data workflows. Customers are selecting Pure because it enables them to simultaneously modernize their existing applications and accelerate their adoption of hybrid cloud, containers, DevOps, AI, and real-time analytics at scale.

Data drives digital transformation. The businesses that can make the best use of this data are best placed to survive, compete and succeed. However, managing this data can be a huge challenge; a challenge so all-encompassing that it detracts from the very innovation it’s meant to support. Since entering the market ten years ago, Pure Storage has been on a mission to help organisations overcome these challenges, and ultimately to build a better world with data.

Leading the charge in emerging technologies such as hybrid cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning and NVMe, Pure is at the forefront of digital transformation strategies for customers such as Mercedes AMG-Petronas Sport, Man AHL, Waitrose, Paige and many more.

Industry-First Solutions that Create an “Unfair Advantage”

Having pioneered industry-first solutions for the last decade, the past 12 months have been no exception, with the development of solutions specifically designed to deliver a modern data experience.

Pure is focused on items that are important to CIOs, and strategic decision makers today - building a hybrid cloud, transitioning to fast, consolidated data architectures, and deriving business value from AI and analytics. As the first and only company to offer customers integrated hybrid cloud and on-prem solutions, consumable As-a-Service, Pure is delivering a modern data experience. In the past year alone, Pure has enabled customers to better leverage true hybrid cloud environments, extended its file capabilities and unveiled NVIDIA-powered solutions for a full spectrum of AI initiatives. To explore some of these in greater detail:

Giving Organisation Choice and Eliminating Compromise

Real-time access to data is needed to drive any digital transformation initiative. This real-time access requires applications to move freely between on-premises and the cloud. A lack of purpose-designed, strategic integrations between on-premises storage and the cloud has been a primary inhibitor of application mobility. In short, organisations have had to make compromises on their infrastructure.

The age of compromise is coming to an end, with the introduction of a truly unified cloud strategy –
Pure’s Cloud Data Services. The suite of cloud offerings run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), giving businesses the freedom to create an environment that best suits the needs and drivers of the organisation; a solution truly based on choice. As of September 2019, CloudSnap by Pure Storage is a multi-cloud solution, delivering cloud backup on AWS and now, Microsoft Azure, maximizing the cloud’s potential for backup storage with intelligent and efficient data transfer to and from the cloud; rapid recovery on-premises to help customers meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs) and compliance policies with easy and cost-effective array and volume-level recovery.

Pure has unified the cloud with a common set of data services, enabling consistent storage capabilities, APIs, and resiliency so that applications can be built once and run everywhere. These services include Cloud Block Store for AWS. Generally available as of September 2019, this solution offers industrial-strength block storage that runs on AWS. Designed to enable mission-critical applications to run seamlessly in the cloud, Cloud Block Store enables hybrid mobility and adds new storage services to web scale applications.

With the combination of Pure's Cloud Block Store on AWS and traditional FlashArray on-premises,
customers can embrace the power of hybrid cloud architectures for their data.

A Single Pane of Glass

This kind of hybrid architecture requires consistent visibility and management of data wherever it is stored, which is where Pure1 comes in. Pure1 is a truly AI-driven cloud-based infrastructure management and support platform, which manages, automates, orchestrates and optimizes data infrastructure across multi-cloud environments. Organisations can now spend less time managing their IT infrastructure and more time innovating.

By making capacity and performance forecasting a reality, Pure1 eliminates guesswork. It means the IT team can predict capacity and performance needs over time; even model workload consolidation and hardware upgrades.

The centralized dashboard gives businesses a holistic view of their data, no matter where it’s stored. The platform provides an overview of all snapshots using Snapshot Catalog, and Purity CloudSnap maximizes the cloud’s potential for backup storage with intelligent and efficient data transfer to and from the cloud. Pure1 serves as that single pane of glass across the infrastructure granting the ability to simplify, automate and optimize every step of the infrastructure across the stack.

An Industry-First in an AI-Driven World

Artificial Intelligence is a game-changer, with the potential to revolutionize how organisations can manage and work with their data. However, the road to implementing AI solutions is not without its complexities.

Enter AIRI; the industry’s first integrated AI-ready infrastructure for deploying deep learning at scale.
Completely scalable, it eliminates the challenges of building an AI infrastructure, neatly and compactly delivering all the necessary components in a small form-factor: AIRI is so powerful that it delivers the performance of 50 racks of compute and storage capability in under 50 inches of space.

This year Pure introduced the first hyperscale configuration for AIRI. This delivers even more powerful supercomputing capabilities for enterprises pioneering real-world AI initiatives, courtesy of Pure and AI supercomputing leaders NVIDIA and Mellanox.

Customer Testimonials
Pure Storage customer Causeway Capital’s mission is to provide clients with superior, risk-adjusted returns while maintaining a culture of responsibility and accountability. Data is the lifeblood of modern organizations, and Pure’s seamless integrations with multiple clouds allow Causeway Capital to innovate with data, unconstrained.

“Hybrid applications give us the advantage of best-in-class capabilities delivered by the cloud,” said Pete Petersen, CTO & CISO, Causeway Capital. “Today's landscape is competitive. We can’t afford to limit our innovation to on-premises or the cloud. Now, our application developers can develop to a single storage API, leverage a storage platform that provides rich resiliency services and count on Pure for guidance and reliability."

Pure customer Paige is revolutionising clinical diagnosis and treatment in oncology, with AI. Whilst pathology is the cornerstone of most cancer diagnoses, most pathologic diagnoses rely on manual, subjective processes developed more than a century ago. This is where Pure Storage comes in.

“With access to one of the world’s largest tumour pathology archives, we needed the most advanced deep learning infrastructure available to quickly turn massive amounts of data into clinically-validated AI applications,” said Dr. Thomas Fuchs, Founder and Chief Science Officer, Paige. “The powerful combination of DGX-1 and FlashBlade accelerates our mission to catalyse the medical industry with AI.”

Royal Bank of Canada is one of Canada's largest banks, and one of North America's leading diversified financial services companies. Royal Bank of Canada provides personal and commercial banking, wealth management, insurance, investor services, and capital markets products and services on a global basis.

"We are excited to see what Pure1's manageability of cloud platforms like Cloud Block Store and CloudSnap new multi-cloud capability will offer," said Antonio Puccio Director of SAN storage, Royal Bank of Canada. "With cloud-based platforms like Pure1, it is easier for organizations to manage their storage infrastructures across hybrid cloud environments without having to invest in multiple vendors and tools."