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In less than 10 years, Pure has disrupted the storage industry by creating solutions that are intelligent, automated, and modern. In the last decade Pure has delivered 10x improvements in performance, the cost of operation, and usability. Looking ahead to the next 10 years, Pure’s goal is to take fragmented and antiquated data storage and recreate it into a unified, automated, multi-cloud data utility.

For too long now customers have been constrained by compromise – having to tailor business objectives depending on their technology, as opposed to the other way around. Customers are looking for solutions that truly work for them, give them the freedom of choice and enable them to make the most of their data.

However, until recently, a lack of purpose-designed, strategic integrations between on-premise storage and the cloud have been a major inhibitor of application mobility. Businesses have struggled to choose where is best to deploy in this interim state, as they struggle with the existing cloud divide. Customers shouldn’t be constrained by what technology can or can’t do, or where it lives. This is where Pure’s Cloud Data Services come in.

Bridging the Cloud Divide

Announced in November 2018, Pure Storage Cloud Data Services is a suite of cloud offerings that run on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With these products, customers are able to invest in a single storage architecture that unifies application deployments, both on-prem and on the cloud, to flexibly turn data into value.

With solutions tailored for the cloud, organizations can enable their customers to approach hybrid cloud with a new level of unified infrastructure allowing them to:

· Build their clouds with the highest levels of performance, resilience, and efficiency;
· Run anywhere, delivering hybrid cloud by enabling enterprise apps to easily move to the public cloud, and web-scale apps to easily move on-premises; and
· Get protection everywhere by introducing a new modern model for data protection, which leverages on-prem flash for the fastest recovery, and low-cost cloud object storage for the best, most flexible retention

Delivering on the Hybrid Cloud Vision

Pure has unified the cloud with its common set of data services; enabling consistent storage capabilities, APIs, resiliency and agility, so that applications can be built once and run everywhere – seamlessly. Since November, several major additions have been made to its Cloud Data Services portfolio, so customers can truly embrace the strategic value of hybrid cloud.

The latest updates came in September 2019, including the general availability of industrial-strength block storage from Cloud Block Store for AWS. Designed to enable mission-critical applications to run faultlessly in the cloud, Cloud Block Store enables hybrid mobility and adds new storage services to webscale applications. In addition, Cloud Block Store delivers true hybrid operations for customers with consistent data services, resiliency and bi-directional mobility, as well as simple and easy management and orchestration.

In addition to Cloud Block Store, Pure offers CloudSnap for AWS, delivering cloud backup on AWS, and since September 2019, on Microsoft Azure. CloudSnap maximizes the cloud’s potential for backup storage with intelligent and efficient data transfer to and from the cloud. Additionally, CloudSnap offers rapid recovery on-premises to help customers meet demanding service level agreements (SLAs) and compliance policies with array and volume-level recovery that is both easy and cost-effective.

Pure believes that data is strategic to customers’ digital transformation journey. Data requires innovation and investment, especially as new application architectures are driving unprecedented levels of performance, parallelism, and multi-cloud data workflows. Customers are selecting Pure because it enables them to simultaneously modernize their existing applications and accelerate their adoption of hybrid cloud, containers, DevOps, AI, and real-time analytics at scale.

Bringing Best-in-Class Capabilities
Pete Petersen, CTO & CISO, Causeway Capital, has praised Pure Cloud Data Services’ “best-in-class capabilities”.

“Today's landscape is competitive. We can’t afford to limit our innovation to on-premises or the cloud. Now, our application developers can develop to a single storage API, leverage a storage platform that provides rich resiliency services and count on Pure for guidance and reliability," said Petersen.

In the past, organisations have been forced to choose between on-premises or cloud, but Cloud Data Services customers can make the most of the best pathway to innovation – a hybrid strategy that provides access to all clouds. Pure has leveraged the best cloud strategy to increase agility, decrease costs, and foster greater innovation.