StorageCraft ShadowXafe
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Please explain the product in detail:
The ShadowXafe next-generation data protection solution provides comprehensive, SLA-driven data management for the data protection lifecycle. It delivers best-in-industry recovery and a workflow optimised for management simplicity. It tightly integrates with StorageCraft Cloud Services to provide orchestrated one-click failover of a business’s entire IT infrastructure in the cloud.

ShadowXafe is extremely easy to deploy and manage. Once deployed as virtual appliance, it ensures complete data protection, reduced application downtime and improved productivity for lower operational costs. ShadowXafe protects both physical and virtual workloads through an integrated management system called OneSystem. Customers can choose host or agent-based data protection for virtual environments.

The entire data protection workflow is managed through OneSystem, which includes policy-based administration, analytics reports and seamless VMware integration. From OneSystem, customers can identify the workloads to protect and define backup, replication and retention policies for each of them based on SLA requirements.

ShadowXafe reliably recovers the OS, applications, settings and data. It enables system restoration to the same or dissimilar hardware or virtual environments. It can boot a backup of a system volume onto a VM in milliseconds for temporary failover or permanent recovery.

Designed from the ground up, ShadowXafe’s architecture is a group of interconnected and scalable microservices, which make it very flexible, platform-agnostic and futureproof.

How does the product break with conventional ideas or processes in its field? / How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists?
As data pools grow and IT infrastructure becomes increasingly complex, managing and protecting data cost-effectively and quickly recovering it has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible.

ShadowXafe is a game-changer. It carries forward StorageCraft’s proven and tested data-protection technology, including VirtualBoot, and expands significantly on its functionality and ease of use. It simplifies the entire backup and disaster recovery process. With VirtualBoot for ShadowXafe, it’s possible to boot an on-premise backup into a VM in milliseconds or boot from a private or public cloud in seconds, regardless of the VM’s size.

Through OneSystem, ShadowXafe achieves simplicity. Users can manage the entire data protection lifecycle, from installation and backup configuration to system restore and data recovery, through a single pane of glass. Seamless integration with VMware delivers a simple deployment experience that’s like setting up a virtual appliance. Also unique, ShadowXafe enables management and monitoring of storage infrastructure under the same management console.

ShadowXafe’s architecture is among the first data protection solutions to be microservices-based, meaning it’s modular and nimble, thus futureproof. It allows massive scalability, protect a nearly unlimited number of sites and machines.

With ShadowXafe, constant data availability and uptime is no longer only the province of the enterprise.

What, exactly, is novel about the product?
Competitive differentiation:
● Recovery in milliseconds rather than minutes: ShadowXafe recovers data in milliseconds, irrespective of the VM size. By comparison, our competitors offer recovery in minutes, and exact time is dependent on the VM size.
● Inflight verification: While most of our competitors don’t provide inflight verification, ShadowXafe uses automated, advanced reverification of backup images along with inflight verification to ensure dependable backup images.
● Total business continuity and self-service: Many of our competitors don’t provide integration with local backup and recovery policies or a self-service portal and they deliver DRaaS through third-party offerings. ShadowXafe combines total business continuity and a self-service portal to help provide an orchestrated, one-click virtual failover.
● Management simplicity at scale: Through OneSystem, a single pane of glass management system, ShadowXafe achieves simplicity. It lets IT professionals manage the entire data protection lifecycle, from installation and backup configuration, to system restore and data recovery. OneSystem lets users scale data-protection workflows effortlessly as organisations grow.

How do customers benefit from the product?
ShadowXafe gives customers affordable access to a simple, comprehensive and cost-effective solution that meets the highest of backup and recovery metrics attainable. It is an easy to manage, affordable and robust solution that ensures constant data availability and uptime will no longer be only the province of the enterprise.

Benefits include complete data protection: by making all data retroactively restorable within seconds, ransomware is no longer a threat. Moreover, businesses are required to insure the integrity of their data against loss. Through ShadowXafe, companies pay massively discounted insurance premiums, thereby providing immediate ROI for the deployment from day one.

Customers can scale at speed and with ease because ShadowXafe can restore any device or an entire IT infrastructure from a single console and via a single pane of glass.

StorageCraft ShadowXafe ensures total disaster recovery and business continuity by simply and effortlessly replicating data to a public cloud, a StorageCraft Cloud, or an off-premises location, all with uncompromising reliability, speed and simplicity.

But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say:

Case study - Amshire Professional IT Support
StorageCraft has been working with Amshire Professional IT Support since 2010, when the team recognised a need for a more reliable and robust disaster recovery solution for its largest customer. Amshire has realised the strengths of StorageCraft’s disaster recovery solutions, particularly over the past 3-4 years as ransomware has become an increasingly prevalent threat.

Dave Taylor, Managing Director, Amshire Professional IT Support, said: “We have successfully been able to recover customer systems hit by ransomware with little data loss. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a bullet proof solution and that’s essential for our customers.”