StorageCraft Cloud Services
Cloud Storage Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Please explain the product?
For today’s volatile, fast-paced technology landscape, StorageCraft Cloud Services provides small to medium sized organisations with the ability to recover quickly and reliably when a disaster strikes their site or internal systems. It works by replicating StorageCraft OneXafe, ShadowXafe or ShadowProtect backup images to StorageCraft’s disaster-recovery cloud, giving businesses the tools to keep running no matter what happens.

The service is simple, flexible and affordable. It can be managed through an easy-to-use, self-service online portal. With StorageCraft Cloud Services, businesses can tailor their coverage to meet unique recovery requirements while enjoying access to data anytime, anywhere, with instant failover in a secure purpose built cloud specifically for disaster recovery.

What is novel about the product?
StorageCraft Cloud Services combines low setup, management, and overhead costs with high flexibility to meet offsite disaster recovery needs. Purpose-built for disaster recovery and total business continuity, our DRaaS cloud, StorageCraft Cloud Services, resides in Tier 3 datacenters providing enterprise-grade security, 24.7.365 monitoring and 99.999% uptime. It is monitored and managed 24/7/365 by the StorageCraft Network Operations Center, ensuring anytime, anywhere access to cloud data.

StorageCraft Cloud Services comes in three simple Service Levels: Cloud Basic, Cloud Plus, and Cloud Premium services. Businesses can utilise the pre-configured retention settings, or customize their own to best meet their recovery point objectives (RPOs). They will only pay for the recovery points they need in the cloud while having as many recovery points as they’d like onsite.

How does the product break with conventional ideas in its field? / How does it go beyond marginal improvements or something that already exists?
Key unique features of StorageCraft Cloud Services include:
● StorageCraft Cloud Pooling: StorageCraft Cloud Services pools each machine’s included data capacity at each service level, giving customers improved efficiency and flexibility. Because customers can plan and load-balance their total data capacity, it avoids the costs of unplanned overages.
● StorageCraft One-Click Orchestrated Recovery: Through a single pane of glass, using the StorageCraft Cloud Services web portal, customers can pre-configure each customer’s recovery sequence so that, in the event of disaster or on-premises failure, entire systems can be brought back online with a single click to the last recovery point. Recovery can be pre-configured to ensure the right servers, directories and files come back online at the right time.
● 30-Day Free Virtualised Infrastructure Replication: In the event of a sitewide disaster, Cloud Services offers the ability for an MSP to virtualise customers’ IT environments in the StorageCraft Cloud and operate as though they were working off their own system for up to 30 days free.
StorageCraft Cloud Services are proven to be a better option than public clouds where recovery of data and infrastructure is painful, manual, and often more expensive.

How do customers benefit from the product?
Customers, like Managed Service Providers (MSPs), can standardise on one vendor for their business continuity needs. They can also want to differentiate themselves in the market, offer more options to existing clients and attract new clients.

MSPs are experiencing increasing consolidation, and they are transitioning to a more blended business model; they want to deal with fewer vendors with expanded offerings. Standardisation creates business efficiency. StorageCraft gives MSPs access to solutions that span the entire business continuity category.

We help these customers grow and strengthen their businesses by keeping their clients’ data accessible and protected with StorageCraft Cloud Services. In addition to the increased revenue opportunities through affordable pricing and the ability to protect more clients’ data, the ease and low maintenance of Cloud Services allows MSPs to improve margins through reduced operational cost and overhead. Finally, MSPs maintain a solid reputation with their clients by keeping their data safe.

The MSP program enables monthly licensing of software and disaster recovery as a service
(DRaaS) via the StorageCraft Cloud. MSP clients get frequent backups throughout day, rapid system recovery, and encrypted backups that are automatically replicated into the cloud for cloud-based disaster recovery.

With cloud-based disaster recovery, customers can be up and running in minutes, by spinning up virtual machines (VMs) in our cloud, and they can work from these VMs while the on-prem issues get resolved, thereby reducing downtime and allowing the business to move forward virtually uninterrupted.

Jamie Hissitt, Senior Projects Engineer, Air IT, explains why they chose StorageCraft Cloud Services: “Our customer data is completely secure and will always be accessible. Additionally, the functionality works really well for us from an MSP perspective.”