Columbus sets Polyco Healthline on the path to Digital Transformation success with agile Business Intelligence and automated data warehousing
Digital Transformation Project of the Year
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Eighty five years of being in business is a strong story but has its consequences – siloed ERP systems from acquisitions, legacy Business Intelligence solutions and ineffective business reporting based on bloated spreadsheets. But Polyco Healthline, a global provider of protection and hygiene products and services that boasts over 30,000m2 of warehouse space, handles over 5,000 shipping containers a year – including over three billion gloves – has survived its 85 years and lives to tell a new story by staying agile and competitive, adopting an advanced analytics solution to streamline business operations.

Accurate tracking and recording of business operations – as well as rapid analysis of data for detailed reporting – is critical to Polyco Healthline’s global supply chain and the large volumes of stock being distributed each day.

So, the UK’s largest handler of gloves turned to Columbus to guide them through a value-driven Digital Transformation journey which now directly contributes to the company’s success in maintaining a competitive advantage in the protection and hygiene industry.

Columbus consultants and technical experts proposed and in less than five days implemented a proof of concept of an agile Business Intelligence and automated data warehousing solution to demonstrate project feasibility, with the goal of moving Polyco Healthline to a future-proof reporting solution based on the unique and highly scalable TimeXtender Discovery Hub. The new solution replaces disparate legacy data reporting tools that were previously in extensive use across the business.

Columbus technical experts trained Polyco Healthline staff on the intuitive new solution in just three days – Columbus then went above and beyond addressing Polyco Healthline’s original requirements. Working hand-in-hand with the Polyco Healthline team, they helped the company unlock even greater value from the ever-rising volume of enterprise data. Polyco Healthline now enjoys fully automated data warehousing, with reporting dashboard refresh times significantly reduced from over a minute to less than ten seconds.

Mike Heath, Head of Business Systems at Polyco Healthline explains: “Having such a responsive partner willing to tailor their work around our shifting business priorities has been a major advantage and ensured seamless progression of our analytics overhaul. With more intuitive analytics and reporting, the day-to-day user experience has been greatly enhanced, and we now have a strong platform for future projects to help maintain our competitive advantage in the industry.”
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