Intent Analytics™
AI/Machine Learning Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
• What, exactly, is novel about the product/process or innovation?

Automated malicious bot attacks are a growing threat to businesses around the world.

Bot attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated as threat actors seek new vulnerabilities in business’ core functionalities, in their attempts to mask their attacks. Traditional approaches to bot management, with a reliance on rules and reputation feeds, typically using CDNs, WAFs and JavaScript, cannot effectively tackle these complex attacks and a new approach is required.

To address the challenge, Netacea pioneered the world-leading Intent Analytics™ engine, powered by machine learning. While our competitors focus on where traffic has come from and whether the traffic is automated or human, we track server-side interactions with a website. We monitor web access logs, web applications logs, API logs, user request methods, user journeys and historic trends to identify when users are undertaking activity that is not in line with legitimate users and to identify the intent of the bot attacks.

• How does the product or process break with conventional ideas or processes in its field?

As an emerging vendor in a growing market, Netacea’s agile approach to development and use of cutting-edge machine learning techniques means our technology never stands still.

We saw that traditional approaches to the bot problem were failing. They used CAPTCHA challenges, creating user friction, or injected additional JavaScript code into a webpage to detect when a user is real, creating security concerns. The problem is, this creates a bad user experience without stopping the most sophisticated bots. Responses to JavaScript code can be faked and CAPTCHA farms will solve challenges for pennies.

Netacea’s innovative approach harnesses machine learning to uncover the intent and motive of a visitor; we call this Intent Analytics. No additional JavaScript code is required, real users have a frictionless experience and bots can’t evade detection with spoofed responses. The solution is implemented quickly and without code changes, with integrations that plug directly into a CDN solution.

We also applied innovative coverage to the attack vectors, with one single solution covering website, mobile and API traffic without the need for multiple products or complex mobile SDKs. This allows organisations to gain insight and control over attacks from third-party applications or partners using their APIs.

• How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists?

We identify attacks that other solutions simply can’t.

We have successfully displaced and added to other established bot mitigation solutions due to our improved accuracy and identification methods.

Because we focus on the traffic behaviour on a customer’s internet facing application, we can identify activity that other solutions miss, for example:

• The attached fig. 1 illustrates Netacea’s visibility of bot traffic vs. the customer’s in-house specialist team. In this instance, the in-house security team of
eight had been working on a custom solution for four years—but our machine learning driven Intent Analytics™ engine identified double the number of attacks in one day.

• In the attached fig. 2, we can see the results achieved when our technology was placed behind a leading dedicated security appliance and identified thousands of previously undetected threats.

• How do customers benefit from the product / process or innovation?

We are currently monitoring more than two billion transactions every month and protecting over 100 million European customer accounts from the global bot threat.

We take the pressure off in-house IT teams, using our Intent Analytics™ engine to seek out bots from humans and ensure genuine users are always prioritised over malicious bots. Our predictive analysis gives customers the ability to not only identify bots but uncover their intent. Access to this level of insight and expertise puts our customers a step ahead of the attackers, ensuring they always recognise a good bot vs. a bot with malicious intent, and can act accordingly.

What our customers say about us:

NPS 9/10 – “You are providing a service fighting a problem many companies are not even aware of.”

NPS 9/10 – “Great customer service, continually innovating and improving existing product offering.”

NPS 9/10 – “Working with Netacea is amazing and the solution works very well.”
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