WAN Data Acceleration Powers Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
PORTrockIT is deployed by companies such as IBM, Commvault, NetApp, and CVS Healthcare to mitigate the effects of latency and packet loss by using machine learning and artificial intelligence in ways that traditional WAN optimisation and SD-WAN solutions often fail to achieve. Reduction in network and data latency can lead to improved customer experiences. However, with the possibility of large congested data transfers to and from the cloud, latency and packet loss can have a considerable negative effect on data throughput. Without AI and machine intelligence solutions, the effects of latency and packet loss can inhibit data and back-up performance. CVS Healthcare has now expanded their back-up and recovery strategies, by using Bridgeworks’ products to achieve their ambitions.
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