SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform
Orchestration/Automation Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
SnapLogic is the global leader in self-service application and data integration. SnapLogic’s AI-powered Intelligent Integration Platform connects data and applications across businesses, turning tasks that would have taken someone weeks or months to complete into an automated process taking only a fraction of the time.

The platform’s easy-to-use, self-service interface enables both expert and citizen integrators to manage all application integration, data integration, and data engineering projects on a single, scalable platform. By using more than 500 integration connectors, named Snaps, organisations can connect all of their enterprise systems quickly and easily to automate business processes, accelerate analytics, and drive transformation.

SnapLogic was the first software vendor to apply machine learning to enterprise integration. The breakthrough technology, named Iris, is at the centre of the Intelligent Integration Platform, as it uses AI to automate highly repetitive development tasks. The Iris-powered Integration Assistant uses machine learning to predict the next step in building a data pipeline for cloud, analytics, and digital initiatives – with up to 90% accuracy. This eliminates the integration backlogs that stifle most technology initiatives. The “self-driving” software shortens the learning curve for business users to manage data flows, while freeing up technology teams for higher-value design and deployment needs.

Iris takes advantage of SnapLogic’s unique cloud-native system and metadata architecture, enabling it to do the data science needed to find patterns and features that can be used to train machine learning models. Iris thus learns from data flows, integration paths, and patterns across SnapLogic’s cloud platform, determining what’s popular, what works, and what doesn’t work. It then translates that learning into specific recommendations for line-of-business and IT managers, so they can save time and reduce errors while applying best practices.

Online file sharing and content management service Box needed a cloud-first approach to its IT infrastructure and integration. SnapLogic was the only technology provider able to significantly reduce the time spent on integration by Box’s small team of developers, who were responsible for company-wide integrations.

The automated processes that the SnapLogic Intelligent Integration Platform provided ensured Box saw a 93% improvement in delivering projects for the business. It reduced total project time from 30 days per project, with their previous software, to two days per project with SnapLogic. Box has connected hundreds of endpoints -- whether the data is event-driven, in batch, in the cloud, or on premises -- and they’re scaling to enormous data volumes, analysing more than 100 million records per integration.

“SnapLogic delivers on the promise of the connected enterprise,” said Paul Chapman, CIO at Box. “SnapLogic’s platform makes app and data integration fast and easy. With the SnapLogic platform, we’ve completed more than 200 integrations. Being able to quickly and easily custom-compose our IT environment allows us to take advantage of the latest innovations and scale reliably with speed and confidence.”

Box is not alone in reaping the benefits of the SnapLogic platform. Adobe was able to onboard hundreds of suppliers 4x faster with SnapLogic, reducing process complexity by 40% while maintaining a 90%+ service satisfaction score. Gaming and consumer electronics company GameStop reduced the time it took to build integrations by 83% allowing them to innovate faster and react to market changes better.

Research shows that due to data integration challenges enterprises have been missing out on $140 billion each year in wasted time and resources, duplication of effort, and missed opportunities. With 47% believing it is negatively impacting their ability to innovate, develop new products and services, and get them to market quickly. SnapLogic and its Intelligent Integration Platform help to address these challenges by automating otherwise time-consuming integration processes. Ultimately, it enables enterprises to accelerate productivity and focus on higher value tasks, improving business decision making and overall results.

With the Intelligent Integration Platform, organisations no longer need to use time-consuming legacy integration platforms, or build custom internal tools to create their own hybrid integration platforms. Out of the box, SnapLogic’s platform provides a single unified toolset for app and data integration flows, while automating repetitive tasks resulting in increased IT productivity. This enables business users to connect applications and data together, to streamline business processes and reveal new insights at a faster rate than ever before.