ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud
Cloud Security Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud is a SaaS-based network detection and response (NDR) solution for the cloud-first hybrid enterprise. Reveal(x) Cloud provides deep and continuous visibility from the inside out, enabling SecOps teams to analyze every transaction, detect threats, and respond to attacks to gain control and visibility over their hybrid attack surface and protect their investment in the cloud.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) Cloud brings threat detection, investigation, and response to AWS workloads, allowing SecOps to track rogue instances and eliminate risks created by misconfigurations, insecure APIs, and unauthorized access. No need to buy additional hardware or deploy software agents: Reveal(x) Cloud is a zero-infrastructure SaaS-based solution that runs instantly and delivers immediate asset discovery, real-time threat detection, and ML-powered response, with native integration with AWS tools, orchestration systems, and ticketing platforms to automate hybrid security settings and limit tool sprawl. With Reveal(x) Cloud, hybrid enterprises have confidence that their AWS environments are protected and comply with their security policies.

Reveal(x) Cloud analyzes 100Gbps of data in real time, providing rich insights within 15 minutes of being plugged in. With just 20 Gbps of analysis per appliance, Vectra Cognito requires five times the hardware to reach the same scale, adding complexity and cost. Darktrace provides 6Gbps of analysis per appliance, requiring sixteen times as much hardware and adding management and correlation overhead.
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