StorSecure: Slashing Security Costs at the Edge
Hyper-convergence Innovation of the Year
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With security breaches and data leaks increasingly hitting the headlines, organizations of all sizes are now more aware of the critical nature of data security. And as increasing amounts of data are being stored locally, on-premise and at the enterprise “edge,” there is a need for a solution that can ensure data security at a low cost with lightweight requirements.

StorSecure is StorMagic’s integrated data encryption and key management server (KMS) feature, enabling organizations with one to thousands of locations to affordably and efficiently introduce data encryption at each individual site. Like StorMagic's virtual storage area network, SvSAN, StorSecure is deployed as a VM on top of the hypervisor, but with its own dedicated storage. Keys can be generated and stored onsite, remotely at a datacenter or via the cloud. XTS-AES-256 encryption is carried out by SvSAN while the data is in-flight before it is written to disk.

StorSecure’s KMS delivers incredible flexibility and is the industry’s only solution that can be deployed anywhere for one low price. StorSecure meets all major compliance regulations, including HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX. What’s novel about the solution is that organizations with one to thousands of locations can add encryption and key management at each site at the lowest cost on the market, adding an important layer of security that is both affordable and simple to manage.

SvSAN’s data encryption feature has leveraged military-grade FIPS 140-2-compliant algorithms and met HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX requirements from launch. StorSecure takes this initial encryption capability and expands it significantly by combining it with a built-in KMS. It removes the need for an expensive, third party key manager, enabling an organization to implement a much more affordable all-in-one data security solution for their edge locations.

StorSecure breaks the conventional processes and adds significant improvements to other market solutions due to its flexibility. StorSecure allows an unlimited number of keys to be generated by its KMS element and allows them to be stored anywhere, whether onsite, in a datacenter, or in the cloud, all at the same low price for an extra level of protection and peace of mind. It allows for a wide range of key types to be generated, and these can be rotated on-demand or on-schedule. It includes comprehensive security and disaster protection to ensure keys are protected and a modern, intuitive UI allowing any IT professional to deploy and manage the solution. StorSecure includes enterprise-class key management functionality. Providing a full-featured KMS and encryption engine is a unique, industry-leading approach; combining it with the lightweight high availability of SvSAN results in just a single piece of software to be managed by the end user.

StorSecure customers benefit from flexibility and enhanced security for the lowest possible cost at the edge, which typically has no physical security and is therefore more prone to theft. From a multinational manufacturer or retail outlet with thousands of sites to an independent corner shop bakery, StorSecure allows data to be encrypted and keys to be stored where the customer wants for only $2,000 at each location. This is significantly less than competing solutions and for the first time, organizations can deploy highly available storage and encrypt their data with a single, low cost, lightweight solution.

In addition, StorSecure does not require special hardware, so it allows ordinary, existing x86 servers and storage infrastructure to be leveraged, resulting in significant cost savings. StorSecure is managed from a modern, intuitive UI with full feature capability. It doesn’t require security expertise to manage, it has been designed to be operated by any IT professional. Processes such as initialization, key rotation and backups are all simple and straightforward to complete. The UI also easily integrates with almost any single sign on (SSO) service, including DAP, RBAC, AD, IAM and others. The ease of management is further underlined by the speed in which StorSecure can be deployed and set up - within 15 minutes the first data will be encrypted.

Due to its price point, StorSecure slashes the cost of data security for hyperconverged edge environments. Thanks to StoreSecure, customers can now integrate enterprise-class encryption and key management, alongside highly available storage, for significantly less than competitive solutions.
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