Node4 and DIS: Making a real difference for real customers
Node4 and DIS
Managed Services Provider Innovation of the Year
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Why choose Node4 and Data Installation & Supplies Ltd (DIS)?

Node4 sets the standard for being a trusted provider of scalable end-to-end IT solutions. Since its founding in 2006, Node4 has grown from a three-person start-up to one of the UK’s most innovative, independent data centre and cloud providers, looking after mission-critical IT for over 700 customers. Establishing a channel route to market in 2013, Node4’s success has been built on continued investment in technology, leadership and innovation, making enterprise-level technology available to the mid-market and SMEs.

One of Node4’s most successful customer and partners is Data Installation & Supplies Ltd (DIS), which has built a reputation of providing high quality, tailored solutions for IT, network and security challenges. DIS has been working with Node4 for over six years and deploys the whole range of solutions from Node4, across its four key offerings: cloud, colocation, connectivity and collaboration, across its own environment. Node4 removes the complexity and challenges within the channel, and customers of Node4 and DIS get the benefits of both companies, resulting in greater value.

On working with Node4 Adam Foster, Technical Director at DIS, stated “our working relationship with Node4 is different to other providers we’ve worked with, because it is completely personal. Thanks to Node4’s relationships within the channel, we can work through them and be safe in the knowledge that we will deal with a real person, rather than being stuck on the phone with an automated assistant.”

Offering the whole range

Node4’s products and services include colocation, managed hosting, cloud infrastructure and associated services, connectivity, SIP trunking and hosted unified communications. Its data centres are connected using Node4’s national fibre network and its cloud platform offers a range of services including DDOS, Firewalling, SIEM, Backup, Disaster Recovery (DR), Managed End Points, Desktops as a Service and 1st Line Service Desk.

All products and services are available through connections into Node4’s Services Gateway, giving customers the ability to integrate with wholly owned infrastructure as well as other platforms such as public cloud. Node4’s cloud platform is openly flexibly, and leverages the company’s legacy in co-location, collaboration and connectivity to provide true hybrid business solutions that offer not only the classic compute resources, but also key underlying services like MPLS, SIP, physical hosting and collaboration solutions.

A truly tailored solution

Node4 wholly owns and operates three UK data centres with full control over the infrastructure. Uniquely for an MSP, Node4 is therefore able to manage every service from beginning to end, all from the security of its own data centres. This also ensures that Node4 is not reliant on third party companies to deliver any services to its customers – everything is within the company’s own control. Its innovative systems include a cloud infrastructure platform designed and built by Node4, meaning customers benefit from virtualisation, storage, and backup platforms, all with enterprise grade resiliency, redundancy and reliability.

Because of this, DIS and Node4 are able to offer customers an agile, flexible and agnostic managed services solution that is tailored to their individual business and sector requirements. For customers looking at an off-site DR or backup solution, for example, the monthly costs can be high when directly looking to utilise the likes of AWS and Azure. Instead, Node4 and DIS can give organisations of varying size and budget a realistic path to get there, using colocation and MLPS circuits into Node4, they can achieve the DR and backup they need.

Additionally, the physical locations of the DC sites are unique. Node4 is a regional DC provider, with sites all down the spine of the UK in Leeds, Derby and Northampton. The company also has a local market around the areas of London and Slough. One of the main reasons for this is colocation – companies and IT teams want to be close to their kit and not have to travel to London to work on it.

Making a real difference for real customers

Drive DeVilbiss, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of durable medical products in the world today, turned to DIS when it could no longer sustain the growth of the company. Through acquisition, they have grown rapidly and shown no signs of stopping, so they needed a technology provider to support business growth with full visibility, scalability and security.

DIS and Node4 now provide Drive DeVilbiss with an MPLS Private cloud WAN solution; a highly scalable network that can easily add or remove sites or circuits depending on the company needs. As the data circuits connect into a central ‘cloud’ rather than to a specific site, the network is more flexible and resilient than using site-to-site leased lines or VPNs. This MPLS Private cloud solution from DIS and Node4 enables Drive DeVilbiss to utilise Node4’s private cloud offering directly and securely from Node4’s own data centres – removing the need for hardware evaluation, compatibility, testing, deployment and on-going support. This is done through a high speed and reliable MPLS core which grows in line with Drive DeVilbiss business needs and ambition.

“I like that we have the ability to monitor what is going through and what is coming in. It’s so much better at meeting our technology needs and easier to manage, than the offerings we’ve had previously” commented Mathew Holmes, UK IT Infrastructure Manager at Drive DeVilbiss.

After a successful deployment, Drive DeVilbiss has the ability to connect into a secure network, from any site and at any time. They now have a centrally managed internet breakout, instead of it being from each site. This becomes a lot easier to manage and monitor. With MPLS, Drive DeVilbiss can keep one eye on their network whenever they need to, with statistics, email updates and online monitoring views. They also have support available 24/7 in a package which suits them.

Exceptional service, delivered as standard

Node4 holds a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of +42 (up +3 from FY 2017-18). NPS measures customer satisfaction and can be used to predict business growth. With a minimum of -100 and a maximum of +100, Node4’s score of +42 emphasises the loyalty and good experience of its customers.

Part of this score may be explained by the fact that for cloud transformation journeys, Node4 owning the service level agreements (SLAs) and end-to-end infrastructure is powerful; it gives partners and customers control, visibility, and better service levels – things that Node4 can provide customers that it could not receive from previous providers.

Outside of this customer relationship, Node4 recognises the need for intimacy with customers of every size and has dedicated teams led by Technical Account Managers for each customer. It fits solutions to the customers, using a range of complex, dedicated private clouds to granular per vCPU, vRAM and GB infrastructure as a service. A significant investment of circa £1 million across three new customer-facing systems – Service Now, Science Logic and Pager to Duty – also demonstrates Node4’s customer dedication.

Success year-on-year

From 2016 to 2018 Node4 and DIS increased joint sales by over 500%. So far in 2019, these sales have already grown another 30% since last year’s figures. This demonstrates just how successful this partnership has become in recent years, and this impressive year-on-year growth is set to continue well into the future.

Node4 ensures that DIS is fully supported, and because of this, the partnership nurtures successful and happy customer relationships. Adam Foster, Technical Director at DIS said “Node4 is a true one-stop-shop for all solutions. Working with Node4 makes ours and our customer’s lives easier and this is a big selling point. Node4 is the ideal go between, which not many other providers can offer. Working with Node4 gives us complete confidence when it comes to technology for our customers”