BreakingPoint Cloud DDoS Protection Validation
Ixia, a Keysight company
Cloud Security Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
95% of businesses now rely on Cloud computing. But it's more difficult than ever to know if their security is working as it should. So how can you tell if your cybersecurity solutions are working effectively right now? Ixia’s BreakingPoint Cloud safely simulates the latest threat vectors and provides continuous insights into the effectiveness of security in enterprises’ cloud-attached environments.

BreakingPoint Cloud can mitigate the latest breaches by safely and realistically modelling the latest threats and attack vectors including both non-volumetric and DDoS attacks. It helps organisations to detect threats and vulnerabilities, react, and improve their security accordingly. Security teams can then eliminate security misconfigurations and understand the impact of a new risk before it happens.

BreakingPoint Cloud is the only solution of its kind on the market, giving continuous insights into the security posture of cloud environments by safely modelling security breaches and threat vectors to assess the effectiveness of cloud security measures. It’s not only innovative, but essential for enterprises with critical business applications and high volumes of data in the cloud. The cost and frequency of data breaches continues to spiral; around the globe, 58 data records are stolen every second at an average cost of $141 each. Meanwhile, the complexity of cloud environments is growing too.

Recently, Ixia surveyed 350 IT professionals to see just how significant these challenges are. 88% reported that they had experienced a business-related issue from a lack of visibility into public cloud traffic, and over 90% of respondents are concerned about maintaining data and application security in their cloud environments.

BreakingPoint Cloud directly addresses to these threats and concerns. It helps organizations optimize their security processes and procedures to “detect, react, and improve,” with realistic attack simulations that enable customers to take a proactive approach to data and application security, while enhancing the skillset of security personnel and streamlining processes for improved efficiency. The BreakingPoint Cloud platform is built to go beyond simulating non-volumetric attacks, enabling customers to validate DDoS mitigation solutions as well.

Powered by a high assurance threat intelligence feed provided Ixia’s Application Threat Intelligence (ATI) Research Center, BreakingPoint Cloud delivers the actionable intelligence needed to help eliminate security misconfigurations, understand the impact of a new risk before it happens, and provide evidence to support security audits. It ensures that that every attack simulation represents a realistic, up-to-date model of the latest threats.

BreakingPoint Cloud is relied upon by some of the world’s largest organisations to proactively monitor and test their networks to prepare for the latest threats and resolve vulnerabilities.
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