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Storage Management Innovation of the Year
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GB Labs has introduced across its entire FastNAS range 25 Gb Ethernet (GbE) connectivity as standard in place of 10Gbe. This more than doubles the existing industry standard 10 GbE offering. This is highly significant because most types of uncompressed 4K demand far more than 10Gbe can deliver. Clocked by the AJA speed test at over 2.3 GBytes/s, FastNAS with 25Gbe is now significantly faster to the desktop.

25 GbE connectivity is not new, nor is it a GB Labs invention per se, but it is an emerging Ethernet speed option that, although a significant advance on traditional 1 GbE, 10 GbE or higher options, is woefully underutilised because, until now, there has been no NAS technology capable of truly pushing it to its full potential.

For example, most fibre channel systems using SAN typically run either 8 GbE or 16 GbE. 25 GbE, on the other hand, represents a significant step-change upwards from what most organisations are running with fibre channel today. i.e., it is potentially significantly faster but only if there is storage technology behind it that is designed to drive it.

GB Labs professional range already delivers up to 100GbE, but requires special cabling and other infrastructure considerations. However, GB Labs has found a way to exploit the full power of 25 GbE by making it integral to its intelligent, high performance FastNAS storage range. The method by which GB Labs has implemented 25 GbE connectivity in FastNAS has resulted in professionally validated speeds of up to 2.3 Gbs from server to desktop, which more than doubles what would typically be experienced from a 10 GbE fibre channel.

What’s more, a 25 GbE FastNAS can use existing LC fibre channel cabling infrastructures. If a SAN user wants to join the 21st century with a 25 GbE FastNAS product, they needn’t change much of anything to get it done cable wise. Existing cabling, usually embedded into walls, can be left right where it is to deliver the blistering performance now offered by FastNAS. This convenience not only represents a substantial cost saving, but a vast reduction in unwanted disruption.

And this is not a case of GB Labs doing 25 GbE “because it can”. It’s about applying experience and expertise to utilise 25 GbE to the fullest extent of its performance capability for real world benefits.

In short, there’s no point investing in 25GbE fibre if you don’t have the hardware to drive it its maximum benefits. Now, with FastNAS, both can be done at the same time without having to tear down and rebuild the walls, pipework, and flooring.

By empowering its entire FastNAS range, GB Labs has brought the speed, power, and productivity benefits of 25 GbE to the masses, and submits FastNAS now for consideration for Storage Management Innovation of the Year.
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