Managed Workplace
Barracuda MSP
Software-as-a-Service Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Barracuda’s Managed Workplace (MW), a remote monitoring and management (RMM) tool, helps MSPs to remotely deliver high-quality security and support services.

How is it unique?

It is the only RMM which is security-centric.
It is the first to include built-in site security assessment (SSA). This analyses an organisation’s security, using over 30 tests in antivirus, patch, user and network security to give an overall score.
The SSA is unique to the market as it uses its own patented algorithm and test scenarios.
Whereas other RMM vendors have to work with third party vendors to build an email security stack, SSA offers all of this from the get go, using Barracuda’s own IP.

What does it help MSPs to do?

Increases MSPs’ geographical reach:
It can be hard to grow as an MSP, as you are limited by radius and manpower when it comes to sending engineers to customers.
With MW, you can service customers remotely.
This allows MSPs to target larger customers with several sites that would have been impossible to service before Managed Workplace.
Generate new business:
MW needs access to one device in order to scan an entire network for vulnerabilities. It then generates a report giving a percentage security score, as well as identifying weaknesses and how to secure them.
The scan is completely free, meaning an MSP can use it to impress prospective customers with no further obligations.
Finally recoup upfront work:
Many MSPs only realise once they’ve started working with a new customer that they’re going to have to spend 3 days of time upfront to get them up to the standard they need them at.
MW’s security tool allows you to identify this from the beginning, meaning you can then bill your customer for that onboarding time, and drive your margins up.
Give you a technical help desk for free:
MW offers a help desk that works 24/7/365 to give MSPs technical support.
As an MSP, you simply need to have the skills to sell to your customers. You need not have any technical experience at all, as you can simply use Barracuda's help desk to outsource all of the support.
No other RMM vendor has this offering.

What customers are saying:

James Watson, Owner, Primary ICT Support:
“If MW RMM picks up on a security concern, we’re able to deploy a fix to 6,000 devices across all our clients in hours, before they’re even aware of a problem. Thanks to MW, we’re able to take on bigger clients, tackle bigger projects and think bigger than we ever did before.”

Richard Cook, Director, GCI:
“MW enables us to be very proactive, to anticipate and respond to customers’ needs, and continue to strategically plan for their security future.”