Supermicro All-Flash 1U Petascale JBOF
Storage Hardware Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
• What is novel about the product or innovation?
• The Supermicro Petascale family takes the Just-a-Bunch-Of-Disk (JBOD) architecture and brings it into the modern world of high-performance NVMe storage with Just-a-Bunch-Of-Flash (JBOF).
• The Petascale JBOF systems interconnect 32 NVMe drives to up to 8 host servers via 64 lanes of PCIe for 52 GB/s of bandwidth to the NVMe drives.
• The JBOF systems allow dynamic reallocation of the NVMe drives to the host servers.
• The NVMe JBOF systems enable NVMeoF solutions without the cost of CPUs and memory of a traditional server.

• How does the product break with conventional ideas or processes in its field?
• Traditionally, NVMe drives are embedded in a server system. The Petascale family of JBOF systems disaggregate the compute systems from the NVMe drives to allow independent growth of the storage from the compute nodes.
• In a conventional NVMe supported server system, the NVMe drives can only be accessed with a single server, but the NVMe JBOF, the drives can be shared by up to eight host servers which maximize the use of the NVMe drives
• For NVMeoF, the standard approach is to add smart NICs to server systems, using the CPUs and memory of the server to run the processes. In the case of these NVMe JBOF systems, NVMeoF cards can be installed directly into the JBOF and support NVMeoF without CPU and memory from the server systems.

• How does it go beyond marginal improvements on something that already exists?
• The Petascale family of JBOF systems allow up to eight host servers to share 32 NVMe drives with a bandwidth out of the box at 52GB/s. This is a significant improvement over what already exists.

• How to customers benefit from the product / innovation?
• Our customers are experiencing radically improved bandwidth and latency from their storage systems. This allows improved processing time and response time.
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