IPC Connexus Cloud
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Software-as-a-Service Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Regulated users in the global financial markets face increasingly challenging communications and workflow requirements. In order to perform at their best, back and middle office staff need to communicate with their firm’s front office traders and analysts and their trading counter parties on a unified platform that allows them to do business through a compliant, mobile, agile, lean, secure and cost-effective solution. To achieve this, capital market participants are implementing IPC’s SaaS solution, which provides ease, security, and data intelligence.

IPC’s SaaS solution helps to mitigate operational, market, business, and investment risks. IPC has combined its global Connexus infrastructure and cloud software to provide financial market participants worldwide the ability to achieve peak performance by gaining mobility, business continuity, agility, and rapid time-to-market, while maintaining a focus on regulatory compliance.

IPC’s Connexus Cloud

Connexus® Cloud is one of the largest secure and compliant high-performance private networks, focused exclusively on the financial markets community. Users are able to take advantage of the dynamic, “readymade” Connexus integrated ecosystem. Connexus Cloud is the fabric that unites an ecosystem of more than 6,400 capital market firms across 750 cities in 60 countries across the globe.

With organisation’s best performance in mind, IPC’s Connexus Cloud is a holistic community-based solution, providing secure mission-critical connectivity, from order creation and placement, to trade execution, clearing, settlement, reporting and market data delivery.

Access anytime, anywhere

The trading environment has changed, with firms increasingly faced with managing communications across mobile devices as well as traditional fixed lines and desktops. The SaaS solution app unifies firms’ communication channels for regulated users, supporting collaboration and efficiency across the financial community. For best performance, its communication-based workflows mimic hardware endpoints and extend and enhance capabilities onto a desktop, tablet, smartphone, while integrating with instant messaging applications.

Streamlining compliance for performance

IPC’s compliance solutions are built with regulatory requirements and performance in mind. The platform delivers end-to-end compliance for the entire trade lifecycle, removing the challenge of purchasing and integrating disparate solutions to manage compliance of communications from multiple sources. The company’s SaaS solution comprehensively captures communications, and enables access whenever needed freeing up time for users to focus on mission-critical activities. Its plethora of archiving capabilities are enhanced with unique analytics functions that turn data capture and storage from a regulatory requirement to a competitive asset.

It also incorporates compliance assurance services that use business intelligence to automatically undertake checks and provide monitoring and alarm capabilities. These provide greater visibility and control over business data and an audit trail for regulation purposes.

The SaaS solution is a powerful catalyst and an innovative performance solution for addressing the most challenging communications and workflow requirements of regulated users in the global financial markets.