Driving Digital Transformation with Tarmin GridBank
Tarmin, Inc.
Storage Company of the Year
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Tarmin was established with the intention of providing a solution to fill the gap between traditional storage technologies and the growing market need as data security, retention, disposal and compliance mandates become ever more stringent and data volumes ever larger. Tarmin views data as valuable intellectual property, there is no greater

Harnessing data is typically seen as a long-term process which will require significant investments and is often competing with other priorities that are viewed as having a more immediate impact. To combat these challenges, Tarmin has established an innovative storage management approach that was built around the notion of data centricity, combining application, information and storage tiers into a single homogenous architecture.

Typically, organizations today unbeknownst to them, allow departments to develop siloed data management systems with varying data definitions, policies, values, and replicated data sprawled across the company. Manual reconciliation systems are often used to transfer data across departments, these complex and outdated processes are cost prohibitive and make it difficult to remain compliant, thus increasing risk of exposure.

With its GridBank Data Management Platform, Tarmin goes beyond traditional data management standards and provides a massively scalable purpose-built solution to deliver a single consolidated data repository across the entire grid. The object data stores structured data in the form of multiple analytic databases integrated within the distributed enterprise object store, while the in-memory MetaBase wraps all the core metabases together, acting as a cache or exposing a specific high-performance subset of analytic data. Together, these individual components within GridBank consolidate all the elements of enterprise metadata and exposes them to the GridBank Discovery, GridBank Query, GridBank Hadoop and GridBank Spark modules offering unified metadata search across all storage pools for on-demand access to data, e-Discovery and data classification. Through the centralized data repository, best practices are implemented across the organization and ultimately GridBank fundamentally changes the way enterprise information is stored, protected, accessed, and utilized, and is designed to scale linearly by adding additional nodes granting unparalleled scale-as-you-grow flexibility. GridBank enables data intensive organizations to save time and money by providing a centralized data store, removing data inconsistencies and driving value and operational efficiencies.

With GridBank’s capabilities; media independent scale out architecture, information governance framework and end-to-end identity management and metadata repository, organizations are able to simplify their infrastructure to reduce storage costs and overhead expenses, to meet compliance regulations and reduce corporate risk, and monetize information assets. GridBank offers a multi-tenant object storage environment, object dedupe, encryption and compression across multi-site storage pools reducing storage volumes by around 40-60%. GridBank also impacts the bottom line by reducing overall TCO by up to 80% and by improving operational efficiencies.

Big data will continuously create significant advantages to those companies capable of exploiting it, by properly collecting, managing, storing and employing these large volumes of data, organizations will see the power in numbers. Data is the epitome of enterprise innovation, but it is only useful when actionable and working in harmony across the entire data landscape. GridBank is built with the future in mind and will change the way businesses compete and operate.