Computational Storage NVMe SSDs that provide in-storage Compute and In-Situ Processing
NGD Systems, Inc
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Data lives among us in abundance and by 2025 IDC predicts we will churn out 175 zettabytes of data (link As we connect more Internet of Things (IoT) devices that churn out data 24/7, we also have to figure out how to store, analyze and process that massive amount of data without having bottlenecks and slow-downs that could compromise people’s safety. A recent survey by Dimensional Research of more than 300 computer storage professionals found that bottlenecks can occur at under 10 terabytes (link:

An example of this real life issue can be found in the airline industry. Over 8,100 aircrafts are in the air at any given time with an average capacity of 150 people, that’s roughly 1.2M individuals that have data generated from previous flights that are still unanalyzed for safety. The amount of information generated during a 4-hour flight can take more than 10 hours to analyze upon landing. In other words, there are planes flying that may have issues that no one is aware of.

Nader Salessi founded NGD Systems in 2013 to provide a revolutionary new technology called Computational Storage, that processes data with “in-situ processing” and ensures only relevant data is required to be managed at the host, reducing total time, power and speeding up performance. This allows NGD Systems to accelerate AI and edge-related workloads. In this case of the airline industry, Computational Storage, allows for faster Artificial Intelligence tools to run when the plane lands and ensures it is safe for the next flight.

NGD Systems also worked with other industry companies to form a Tecnical Working Group (TWG) within the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) to further define this technology.

NGD Systems’ Computational Storage Drives (CSD) are the world’s only NVMe Solid State Drives (SSD) with the largest capacity and most power-efficient storage technology available that is plug-n-play ready for any existing NVMe socket. It is delivered using industry standard form factors like M.2, U.2 and EDSFF. They also represent the only Computational Storage Drive (CSD) to deploy a user with access to a full OS internal to the drive. This allows the most flexible, configurable, and Programmable Computational Storage Services (PCSS) in a Computational Storage Drive (CSD) available today.

NGD recently announced the first scalable and edge-ready M.2 solution delivering a never before available 8TB that has Computational Storage capabilities to run AI and other applications for acceleration providing unprecedented scalability and capacity. NGD Systems has since gone on to create a 16TB and most recently in August introduced their 32TB Newport U.2 SSD, which offers <12W of power.

The NGD Newport Platform uses a patented process to radically reduce the bandwidth required to analyze mass data sets and reduce the strain on customer infrastructure. As such, the NGD Systems’ Computational Storage Drives enable compute at the edge without moving data from storage devices, overcoming challenges that current system architectures cannot solve. NGD Systems’ breakthrough technology is ideal for hyperscale environments, edge computing and AI/data analytic applications.

NGD Systems announced that they have embedded the Azure IoT Edge service directly within the Computational Storage solid-state devices, making it the only platform to support the service directly within a storage device. (link:

With the current technology NGD Systems provides support to multiple market and verticals:

Edge/IoT - Artificial Intelligence (A.I.): There is technology being developed for Edge Computing like A.I.-enabled parking meters that no longer require human interaction. With our Computational Storage Solution there is a 20x or more improvement in capability and reduced overall TCO (Space, Power, Cost). With this technology we are allowing A.I.-enabled systems to read, analyze, and authorize your car parking in ways never seen before.

Content Delivery Network/Edge Security: Personal data transmission requires security keys, those keys are stored and moved all the time to close performance gaps. With the NGD Systems’ Newport platform you can improve the user data management up to 10,000 users per server, not server rack. This ability to provide a 40x improvement in key management per server rack, while maintaining the secure details, is just the start of this work.
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