Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs
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What is the product?
Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs is a monthly subscription program enabling Managed Service Providers, IT resellers and IT consultants to provide backup and recovery services for Office 365 mailboxes and (as from September 2019) files stored within OneDrive and SharePoint.
MSPs can take backups and manage and monitor them through Altaro’s multi-tenant, cloud-based console. Backups are automatically saved to Altaro’s Azure infrastructure.
There are no contracts or upfront costs: MSPs simply pay per user, per month.
One monthly fee covers backup, storage, management console access, and 24/7 instant, human support (call response of less than 30 seconds). MSPs can set their own price and earn recurring monthly revenue.
Core innovations enjoyed by MSPs and IT Consultants who use Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs:
• Central multi-tenant management: Manage and monitor all your customers’ Office 365 mailbox, OneDrive and SharePoint backups through Altaro’s ground-breaking, multi-tenant cloud-based management console.
• Pay per user, per month: Pay a single fee per user per month, covering back up, storage, use of our management console, and 24/7 support. Per customer, you can choose whether to only back up mailboxes or whether to also back up files stored in OneDrive and SharePoint.
• Flexibility: Add or remove users as needed. You only pay for those backed up per month.
• No contracts: or upfront costs No annual commitment. There’s just a minimum monthly starter pack subscription covering up to 30 mailboxes across all your customers. Scale to tens of thousands of users.
• Storage is included; no local storage infrastructure or software required: You don’t have to think about setting up your own servers to save backups to or worry about SLAs – backups are saved to Altaro’s Microsoft Azure infrastructure as part of the package.
• No extras fees: You get access to all product features across all your customers, our storage on Microsoft Azure infrastructure for backups, 24/7 support, and our multi-tenant console for centralised management of all your Altaro Office 365 Backup customer accounts.
• Lightning-fast, 24/7 support: 22-second average support call pickup, live chat, speak directly with an expert, no tier 1 agents or gatekeepers.

How Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs helps MSPs serve their customers
Microsoft does not provide data protection services a part of its Office 365 subscription package. Therefore, data backup is a must. When trouble occurs resulting in loss or damage to Office 365 mailboxes, OneDrive or SharePoint data, MSPs need to have the peace of mind that they can assist their customers with reliable backup and recovery services. Altaro Office 365 Backup is the robust backup and recovery solution that enables MSPs to do so.
Product functionality provides MSPs with these benefits:
• Office 365 mailbox backups: Back up your customers' Office 365 mailboxes automatically throughout the day, including all emails, attachments, calendars and contacts within a user’s mailbox
• OneDrive and SharePoint Document Library backups (as from September 2019) – You can also choose to back up files stored within your customers' OneDrive accounts and SharePoint. You have the flexibility to choose what you what to back up per customer, and pay per user.
• Minimal recovery point objective – Backups take place automatically several times per day, ensuring a low recovery point objective (RPO) in case of data loss or damage.
• Easily restore deleted, lost or damaged mail items - Benefit from various restore options for entire mailboxes as well as granular restore of selected mail items, such as restoring back to the same mailbox.
• Fast and simple OneDrive and SharePoint item recovery – Use the solution’s granular restore wizard for OneDrive and SharePoint files. You can either restore the files to a downloadable ZIP Archive or back to a OneDrive Account or SharePoint Document Library.
• Browsable backups – Search and browse through your customers' backups through various filters, with searchability throughout different backup versions, and avoid separate time-consuming searches.
• Archiving or migrating mailboxes – All emails within an Office 365 mailbox can be restored to a downloadable PST file. The PST file can then be opened in Outlook to view and restore individual emails and attachments. This is ideal for archiving or migrating a user’s mailbox.
• Worry-free, secure storage - Your customers' Office 365 mailbox and/or OneDrive and SharePoint backups are automatically saved to Altaro's secure cloud backup location hosted on Microsoft Azure. This way, you don't have to think about setting up your own servers to save backups to, or worry about SLAs.
• Customer self-service – You can grant account access to one or more of your customers so that they can monitor, browse and restore their own backup data on the Altaro Cloud Management Console.
• User access rights – Provide access to selected user accounts within your team, giving them control over backup browsing and restore capabilities for one or more customers.
• Easy billing: Enjoy a convenient, ordered view of the total users backed up for each of your customers, making it simple and fast for you to know what you need to bill per customer.

Using this solution, MSPs can also enjoy:
• Recurring revenue: They can charge their customers a recurring monthly fee at the price point you decide on!
• Unbeatable value: Competitive MSP pricing; MSps are then free to establish their own pricing model. Volume discounts apply.
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