Talbots Law Cloud Project
EBC Group
Cloud/MSP Project of the Year
Entry Description
EBC Group have made significant investments in their private cloud platform and data centres, and offer an impressive portfolio of cloud solutions, including private and hybrid solutions. EBC Group stands as a leading cloud provider, with an impressive history of delivering cloud-based solutions to clients, across multiple verticals.

For West Midlands based solicitors, Talbots Law, who work across 6 locations, and house over 200 employees, the investment of over £1million to implement a new state-of-the-art hosted IT infrastructure, has digitally transformed the business into a dynamic cloud environment.

Talbots Law had previously ran a on premise server room at its their headquarters which provided unreliable performance, especially for other sites. Dated hardware and software had started to degrade, whilst a remote desktop environment struggled to accommodate a growing workforce that demanded flexible usability.

Running on Windows Server 2008 operating system, its impending end date meant the clock was ticking for Talbots Law to migrate to a newer more robust server system. Failure to address this would have seen detrimental vulnerabilities in their security, which for a law firm dealing with large amounts of confidential data could have devastating consequences.

Talbots Law required a complete revision of their current IT infrastructure, and looked to EBC Group to provide a new cloud environment that would not only address current IT issues, but would also pave the way for on-going digital transformation. Leveraging EBC Group’s partnerships with industry leaders such as Dell, Microsoft and VMware, EBC Group developed a plan that would see the implementation of a fully scalable cloud solution, hosted at its primary data centre and full replicated to a secondary site, designed to meet Talbots on-going growth plans.

The implementation of a hosted virtual desktop environment, that runs on the latest Dell EMC server and storage technologies, has provided an environment that is able to scale-up and out with a 10GB network and full solid storage ensuring speed and performance is at the forefront of the end users experience.

The hardware is accompanied by VMware vSphere ensuring the environment is highly available and the load balanced across the Dell EMC cluster. Running in conjunction with vSphere is VMwares Horizen View product which manages and maintains Talbots Law’s upgraded Windows 10 virtual desktops deployed to end users.

For complete disaster recovery capabilities, a second environment now resides in EBC Group’s secondary data centre, where all virtual machines are replicated. This environment, along with the production environment, is managed and monitored 24/7 with a DR strategy written between EBC Group and Talbots Law.

Benefitting from complete secure remote working capabilities and a virtual desktop infrastructure, Talbots Law can now connect multiple-end-user devices from varying locations, with full access to systems whether they’re in a different office, remote working at a clients site or even in the courtroom.

A complete re-fresh of end-user kit to Dell Wyse Thin Client Technology, allows for zero touch deployment when on-boarding new users, and provides a secure solution due to thin OS and central management of all devices, across their 7 sites. Centralising resources to a new cloud environment, ensures applications, sensitive data and memory are all stored in one secure location, whilst the elimination of endpoint machines has both decreased downtime and increased the overall productivity across the business.

With the implementation of a scalable cloud solution, Talbots Law have already deployed 25 new users across the company, seamlessly with minimum disruption. Currently built for upward of 1000 users, Talbot Law’s cloud solution can be readily expanded at anytime, keeping inline with their strategy for rapid future growth.

The introduction of cloud capabilities has also allowed EBC Group to implement a hosted telephony platform. Eliminating out-dated ISDN lines, the conversion into SIP trunks has made way for a new software based telephony system, Swyx. Easily integrating into existing workflows, Swyx has made the handling and transferring of calls between sites seamless, whilst its mobile app has dramatically boosted call handling enhancing user experience. In addition to average cost savings on calls of 55%, Swyx’s rich features have provided a host of industry benefits including; call recording and conference capabilities.

Mary Mocklow, Managing Director at Talbots Law explained ‘Our ambition is to become the legal provider of choice for the Midlands and this investment – the largest we have ever made in IT – will make us more efficient and deliver even better levels of service to our growing client base,”

“The private cloud offers more flexibility for our staff and the opportunity for them to work across any of our offices, not to mention when on-site with companies or during time in court.”

She continued: “Staying ahead of the competition when it comes to technology is crucial to our growth plans that will hopefully see us increase fees from £11m to £12m this year.’’
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