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EBC Group
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EBC Group understands that IT isn’t easy. Managing all of the different services through various suppliers can get complicated- but we think there’s an easier way. As a total solutions provider we manage a clients IT infrastructure both on-site or in the cloud, providing everything they need to run their business, including; information management, connectivity and telephony. Encompassing 3 geographical locations, with a privately owned data centres housed at our head office in Halesowen, near Birmingham and replicated at our Northampton office, EBC Group are uniquely positioned to be able to provide all clients IT and technology without the need to outsource to a third-party.

Operating in multiple verticals, EBC Group has successfully delivered a host of diverse cloud projects to a number of clients across the UK.

For Mainstay Group Ltd, their existing systems had become tiresome, and struggled to keep up with the demands required of it. Performance became increasingly degraded, virtual outages became more frequent and fears regarding an imminent hardware failure began to surface.

Establishing both Mainstay’s system bottlenecks and future growth plans, EBC Group provided Mainstay with a brand new clustered VMware environment, utilising the latest Dell hardware.

With the infrastructure upgraded, EBC Group installed an advanced back-up software and storage via a Veeam Backup and Replication solution that eliminate old unreliable tape backups. The onsite infrastructure is now fully replicated in EBC Group’s datacentre to allow for a true disaster recovery with fast RTO’S (Recovery Time Objectives).

Graham Godber, Customer and IT Manager at Mainstay comments “It’s been really beneficial to have them come in and include my team with the project to impart their knowledge. The project has been a huge success. The speed has increased dramatically, the backups are no longer on tapes, we have a full DR plan which can be up and running in under 4 hours should anything major happen and everything is actively monitored by EBC to ensure the business is constantly available.”

EBC Group were approached by Midlands Air Ambulance Charity because they wanted a reliable and fast network. Entry-level connectivity was not scalable and created poor user experiences, in addition to aging routers and switching backbone causing support and stability issues. Because of the work they carry out, it was vital that MAAC’s communication network remained up at all times.

EBC Group made plans for a fully managed and monitored WAN, consolidating calls into EBC Group as SIP and allowing for a new hosted telephony environment. Additionally, enterprise level firewalling, routers and switches now accommodate new circuit and speeds, to ensure MAAC is always up and running.

Hanna Sebright, CEO at MAAC comments ‘‘EBC Group support us in our commitment to keep our costs down, enabling us to re-invest as much as possible into patient care’’.

For West Midlands based solicitors, Talbots Law, ambitious plans to grow the business, saw the firm invest £1 million in a state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, which would be planned, implemented and supported by EBC Group.

Working across 6 locations, with over 200 employees, existing on site servers provided unreliable performance whilst dated hardware and software including Windows Server 2008, struggled to accommodate any future growth. Leveraging EBC Group’s partnerships with industry leaders such as Dell, Microsoft and VMware, EBC Group developed a plan that would see the implementation of a fully scalable cloud solution, hosted at its primary data centre and full replicated to a secondary site.

The implementation of a hosted virtual desktop environment, that runs on the latest Dell EMC server and storage technologies, has provided an environment that is able to scale up and out, ensuring speed and performance is at the forefront of the end users experience. This environment is now replicated in EBC Group’s secondary data centre, where it is monitored 24/7 to ensure maximum uptime.

Virtual desktop capabilities now sees multiple-end-user devices connected from any number of locations, whether remotely from a clients office or even in the courtroom, with unparalleled access to all systems and data instantly.

With the implementation of a scalable cloud solution, Talbots Law have already deployed 25 new users across the company, seamlessly with minimum disruption. Currently built for upward of 1000 users, Talbot Law’s cloud solution can be readily expanded at anytime, keeping inline with their strategy for rapid future growth.

The introduction of cloud capabilities has also allowed EBC Group to implement a hosted telephony platform. Eliminating out-dated ISDN lines, the conversion into SIP trunks has made way for a new software based telephony system, Swyx. Easily integrating into existing workflows, Swyx has made the handling and transferring of calls between sites seamless, whilst its mobile app has dramatically boosted call handling enhancing user experience.

Mary Mocklow, Chief Executive at Talbots Law comments “The private cloud offers more flexibility for our staff and the opportunity for them to work across any of our offices, not to mention when on-site with companies or during time in court. Staying ahead of the competition when it comes to technology is crucial to our growth plans.’’

For EBC Group, investments in their cloud solutions reflect their commitment to implementing innovative and forward thinking technologies. As part of ambitious growth plans, EBC Group are looking to expand their cloud services with the acquisition of a new state-of-the-art data centre, housed at the landmark BT Tower in Birmingham city Centre, in conjunction with the both BT and Dell.
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