Cloud Workspace Management Suite for Windows Virtual Desktop
Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Cloud Workspace® Management Suite (CWMS) supports Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Public Preview and Azure Government. The new software provides automated deployments of Windows Virtual Desktop while simplifying day-to-day administration that reduces time-to-value for WVD solution providers, driving consumption of Azure services for enhanced operational efficiency. CloudJumper integrates with WVD APIs to orchestrate speedy implementation by managed service providers and enterprise customers. The virtual desktops are deployed within Azure cloud infrastructure and used for compute, storage, diagnostics, advanced networking, and connection brokering to run workloads at scale, while reducing desktop management, infrastructure, and support costs. In addition to WVD, CWMS will continue to support IaaS-based RDS currently available for production deployments in Azure, including Azure Government, other public clouds, and hybrid/on-prem deployments.

CWMS covers a multitude of use cases, improving the mobility and productivity of business computing environments. Intelligent auto-scaling uniquely provides on-demand expansion or contraction of virtual desktops, ensuring proper virtual desktop and workspace provisioning. With WVD and CloudJumper, administrators eliminate complexity while driving greater value for the enterprise. CWMS eliminates the need to host components outside of Azure’s compute environment and simplifies user access by passing Azure Active Directory Domain Services credentials throughout the platform, using single sign-on to access applications based on user-defined policies for a better overall experience. Administrators have the ability to manage the entire technology stack, including server resources as the organization requires. For MSPs and ISVs, CloudJumper also integrates billing within the interface to streamline client management and administration.
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