Continuity Software
Continuity Software
Data Security/Compliance Project of the Year
Entry Description
Continuity Software is a leading provider of proactive IT and cyber resilience assurance solutions for hybrid IT environments.
Continuity Software’s Data Security Advisor provides enterprises with a comprehensive cyber resilience solution while also enabling them to prepare for and meet information security audit requirements. The technology analyzes the configuration of on-prem and cloud data storage systems and detects vulnerabilities that pose a security risk to critical storage systems. It enables automatic detection of violations of vendor security best practices, community-driven best practices, security baseline requirements, ransomware protection and cyber-recoverability guidelines, non-compliance with leading standards, and vulnerabilities.
While companies traditionally focus on protecting the outermost layers of software with secure endpoints, networks and operating systems, this software focuses on securing the data storage system configurations, making sure that all layers are secure. Continuity Software prevents a compromised storage system, which could lead to multi-system failure.

It’s Data Security Advisor solution runs on the company’s Resilience Assurance Platform, offering automated, daily cyber resilience validation, eliminating security risks for critical data systems, allowing enterprises to meet information security baseline requirements and achieve regulatory compliance.