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Runecast Analyzer is a predictive and actionable support intelligence solution for VMware admins. It mitigates lost time and other costs incurred from troubleshooting often-complex issues only in a limited and reactive capacity. The software proactively scans VMware environments in real time to discover potential risks and provide admins with remediation solutions before any issues can develop into a major outage.

The technology behind Runecast Analyzer utilizes the VMware Knowledge Base, vSphere Security Hardening Guide, Best Practices, HCL and security standards such as DISA-STIG6, PCI DSS and HIPAA, and other knowledge sources to analyze vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and Horizon configurations and logs to proactively expose potential issues.

By continuously monitoring more than 30K sources of industry information, as well as any updates made to them over time, Runecast Analyzer is able to proactively detect any latent issues, best practice deviations, and security non-compliances before problems can occur, ensuring that VMware admins remain ‘audit ready’ at all times and are able to invest more time into other projects.

To provide additional security, Runecast Analyzer features a customizable, transparent rules engine and keeps all data within the customer premises.

The new Runecast automated VMware Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) and ESXi upgradability simulates future upgrades to provide both a look at the future and a direct path to remediation – to ensure smooth system upgrades with nonstop security compliance. This forward-looking capability reduces the admin time needed for compatibility checks and helps prevent complications from undetected issues, such as forced downtimes or the PSOD.

Runecast now gives administrators a detailed one-stop look at the past, present, and future of their VMware systems. Log analysis helps track past situations, real-time issue recognition for the present, and the new automated VMware HCL and ESXi upgradability checks for a predictive look at the future – all while providing a direct path to remediation.

The new Runecast plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator provides out-of-the-box workflows that remediate any security issues with only a few clicks. The Runecast vRO plug-in leverages the Runecast Analyzer REST API to obtain information about security issues and affected objects. Then the VMware admin can simply select objects and issues to remediate and the rest is done automatically by the Runecast workflow. This saves many hours and days of manual remediation efforts and ensures continuously compliant and secure environment.

Runecast Analyzer was recently upgraded with additional support and/or optimizations for vSphere, vSAN, NSX, and Horizon. Additionally, Runecast earned its name with the new technology to simulate the impact of future ESXi upgrades via its automated VMware HCL analysis.

Apart from VMware's Security Hardening guides, Runecast includes the most comprehensive DISA STIG 6, PCI DSS and HIPAA security standard checks on the market. It also allows you to "cherry pick" from these standards to decide which parts of them to apply to which objects in your environment (e.g. hosts, cluster, DC etc.). This means you will be able to maintain continuous security compliance against the most stringent security standards available, including military-grade.

Runecast reduces your chance of outage or breach by well over 95% and enables every VMware vSphere admin to proactively identify possible (security) problems in their vSphere environment. Customers say that it is like having a VMware Consultant on hand, every minute of the day, to ensure the VMware vSphere environment is following best practices and security hardening guidelines to ensure compliance.

Runecast Analyzer parses your vSphere logs and filters out the important entries as described in the VMware KB articles, discovering the exact problem in real time and then pointing you to the resolution.

Reports keep admins prepared in advance of new threats and emergent issues. Our systems constantly scan the VMware Knowledge Base and other resources to detect any new issues or changes made to older issues. Once detected, changes get pushed immediately to Runecast Analyzer.

Including automated hardware compatibility checks and continuous compliance auditing, it provides the most comprehensive coverage of DISA STIG, PCI DSS & HIPAA in VMware SDDCs on the market. Plus, Runecast releases updates as soon as new issues or new KB articles are released by VMware, saving administrators from potential service disruptions.

Downtime from an outage costs companies close to $1M on average, annually. Since Runecast reduces chances of this happening by more than 95%, Runecast pays for itself from its very first scan – and depending on the likelihood that it prevents an outage or other costly issues, that is not only cost savings but immediate ROI.

Admins save 1000s of hours just by not having to search KBs which might not be even relevant for their infrastructure. Runecast greatly reduces the need for admins to troubleshoot by providing 100% transparency on latent issues, best-practice deviations (no matter how small), and security non-compliances. Runecast Analyzer allows VMware Admins to significantly improve the configuration of their environment without digging through thousands of VMware Knowledge Base articles, best practices, HCL records, security hardening guides, and compliance documents.

As Runecast automatically identifies – and provides alerts to – any latent Knowledge Base issues, best-practice deviations, hardware incompatibilities, or security non-compliances (directly from VMware’s own documentation and other industry sources), IT teams can proactively remediate issues before they can cause any downtime and invest saved time into other areas to optimize the business. Runecast Analyzer automatically detects all known VMware SDDC issues to eliminate the break/fix cycle and laborious manual effort normally associated with management of vSphere, vSAN, NSX-V and Horizon environments.

With a fully comprehensive API and plugins for vSphere Web Client (Flex & H5) and vRealize Orchestrator, Runecast Analyzer deploys as a virtual appliance in just 5 minutes, with no learning curve or internet required.

With two clicks, admins can see the results of multiple HCL upgrade simulation scenarios within seconds, and the findings are presented in a comprehensive way with details about any non-compatibility and how to resolve it.

As VMware admins are not humanly able to keep current with over 30K knowledge sources and updates made to them, the Runecast Analyzer dashboard is designed to provide a clear list of issues that admins did not previously know were in the environment, as well as simple ways to remediate them.

As soon as the configuration and log entries indicate an issue, Runecast Analyzer shows what the issue is and the steps needed to resolve it. This means that admins can avoid typical scenarios of needing to upload files and await a reply from tech support.

Runecast also eliminates the manual work required to perform security hardening rules by VMware vSphere compliance checker and provides quick fit/gap Best Practices reports on legacy environments. Admins can even schedule automated checks and be notified in case of any risk or non-compliance.

Runecast Analyzer automatically checks and evaluates the whole SDDC stack against PCI-DSS, HIPAA and DISA-STIG6 standards.
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