Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Please answer these questions in the general description of your nomination:
• What are your solution's key distinguishing features and/or USP?
We offer 360 degree monitoring that covers Windows, Mac, Networking devices and Cloud monitors, all from an easy and intuitive UI providing a single-pane-of-glass. We have no-contracts, unlimited training and onboarding. We have tight and seamless integrations with most popular solutions in every category (Backup, Antivirus, PSA, Remote Control) that help MSPs use the products they love, directly from the ninja interface.
• What tangible impact has your solution had on the market and your customers?
We have provided our customers a newfound way of managing and monitoring their devices by giving them an extremely powerful yet intuitive way of doing things. This has also led to a movement where many of our competitors have revamped their platforms and are now focusing on not just the product features but also on the user experience. We also released our mobile app to manage and monitor your devices on the go. This makes MSPs daily tasks easier as ever before.
• What are the major differentiators between your solution and those of your primary competitors?
We have a very customer driven approach for deciding on the features to build, keeping the customer pain as the top priority. Also, our pre-sales and post-sales support are second to none. The goal for us is to give them a VIP white-glove experience throughout their journey with us.
• Please supply any supportive quotes and/or case study materials to demonstrate the value of this solution to your customers/partners.