SuperSSD: World’s First Ultra-High Capacity, High-Performance SSD Storage Appliance
Lightbits Labs
Storage Hardware Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Just a month after emerging from stealth mode in March (and launching two products), Lightbits Labs introduced its third offering: the SuperSSD hardware appliance, the industry’s first scalable, Ethernet-attached solid-state drive (SSD) solution. SuperSSD is geared toward industries and applications that are highly resource intensive, requiring high-volume storage, speed, capacity and reliability, such as artificial intelligence.
Because SuperSSD is purpose-built for fast and massive parallel access to data, it addresses the needs of enterprises undergoing resource-intensive digital transformation. The Lightbits team created SuperSSD specifically as a solution that could challenge the traditional direct-attached storage (DAS) solutions on the market. With applications such as AI and machine learning, conventional DAS solutions eventually become ineffective, complex to manage, costly and even become a potential risk for being a single point of failure. That’s because traditional DAS solutions rely on locally stored data on DAS with SSDs. As data sets scale with data-intensive applications, Lightbits saw the need for scale, performance, and distributed access on a new type of storage system that would allow for fast and massive parallel access to data.
What’s unique about SuperSSD is its simplicity. It’s a plug-and-play appliance, a simple 2U standard rack server, offering stellar performance, fault tolerance, and cost efficiencies.
• Each unit is scalable from 64 TB to 1PB of usable capacity that can be shared across multiple compute nodes
• SuperSSD supports up to 5 million 4K input/output operations per second (IOPs) and with a latency consistency of less than 200 us with end-to-end NVMe
• It offers compression at 4x data reduction or greater at line rate, which increases usable storage capacity while enhancing SSD endurance and accelerating write-intensive applications
• Uses standard TCP/IP network infrastructure for immediate share storage supporting many application and compute notes.
For users, SuperSSD provides an opportunity to completely change their storage and data infrastructure – cost effectively – while gaining fast access to data they have stored anywhere.
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