Kaseya IT Complete is an architecture; a set of integrated solutions; and an approach that makes MSPs more efficient, profitable and able to drive effective services. One of the core elements of IT Complete is its integrated suite of security solutions.
Data Security/Compliance Innovation of the Year
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Kaseya IT Complete is an architecture; a set of integrated solutions; and an approach that makes MSPs more efficient, profitable and able to drive effective services. One of the core elements of IT Complete is its integrated suite of security solutions.

By utilising Kaseya’s IT Complete Security Suite, SMBs, and the MSPs who service them, can completely protect their user networks and sensitive data from cybercriminals, ransomware and other malicious attacks. The suite comprises a wide range of security solutions including AuthAnvil, together with a broad array of tools added to the portfolio in the wake of Kaseya’s September 2018 acquisition of RapidFire Tools Inc., provider of a powerful suite of IT assessment, internal threat detection, and compliance products.


AuthAnvil is a complete identity and access management solution, meaning it delivers password management, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication capabilities that eliminate password headaches for IT administrators and end-users.

It enables businesses to protect their data by helping ensure that only authorised people are given secure access to sensitive applications and information.

It allows MSPs to quickly implement two-factor authentication for their clients and help them prevent data breaches through brute-force, phishing, and social engineering attacks by forcing users prove they are who they claim to be. Through single sign-on, it enable seamless and secure access to all the applications users need, all from a customisable and always accessible cloud-based interface. Users just need to log in once using AuthAnvil two-factor authentication and use a single dashboard to access all their cloud applications with a single click.

Moreover AuthAnvil is easy to deploy. It is hosted in Azure with a geographically redundant, multiple fault domain configuration: so there is no need to worry about it not being available no matter where users are. Customers also benefit from Azure’s broad set of standards to ensure they are meeting security and compliance requirements.

AuthAnvil is integrated with the most popular applications in the marketplace and offers exclusive integrations with the tools MSPs depend on to run their business. That means MSPs can easily access any application they need securely with AuthAnvil, including Office 365, Dropbox, SalesForce, ZenDesk and many more.

In addition, AuthAnvil can be added onto an MSP’s service portfolio and leveraged to both improve efficiencies and increase revenues, enabling them to deliver effective protection to their clients – and drive lucrative margins with a cost that’s a fraction of other solutions.

In addition to AuthAnvil, Kaseya also offers Kaseya Security Manager, which scans and secures networks, servers, and endpoints from unauthorized changes and cyberattacks and Kaseya Patch Management which patches critical vulnerabilities in operating systems and third-party software solutions.

RapidFire Tools Software Solutions

Now, a Kaseya company, RapidFire Tools has a comprehensive toolset of network management and security solutions that together enable MSPs to close more business, offer managed security services out of the box and keep more customers.

The company’s Network Detective IT assessment and reporting solution makes the process of collecting data and analysing reports much faster and more efficient for MSPs. Rather than having to undergo the time-consuming process of sifting through multiple sources and then manually collating information, using Network Detective, MSPs can streamline the process.

Network Detective also provides “value-added intelligence” for IT assessments. The solution’s data collectors compare data points to uncover hard-to-detect issues, measure risk, provide recommended fixes, and track remediation progress, while for enhanced security protection, the complementary Inspector tool enables MSPs to generate reports and diagrams that add layer 2/3 discovery, internal vulnerabilities scans, and anomalous user login activity.

All this simplifies the network assessment process for MSPs. For a still more proactive cyber security approach, RapidFire Tools offers its Cyber Hawk application. Introduced in July 2018, Cyber Hawk helps MSPs offer high-value internal security services to their clients by combining machine learning and intelligent tagging to identify anomalous activity, suspicious changes and threats caused by misconfigurations. Once deployed, Cyber Hawk scans a network, detects internal security threats, and alerts stakeholders. This process makes reporting easier for MSPs. It also provides a “double-check” to ensure anti-virus and patching are working and to discover network misconfigurations. Best of all, Cyber Hawk opens up new revenue streams for MSPs as customers opt into higher value security plans–as much as 20% or more.

RapidFire Tools significantly expanded the capability of Cyber Hawk during 2018. In November, it announced that it had added new enhanced breach detection tools to the solution. This new system enhances Cyber Hawk’s existing internal security scan with technology that searches network endpoints for the tell-tale code that malicious hackers leave behind. These residual cyber “footholds” sit dormant on the network and are timed to eventually provide hackers with access to systems they’ve infiltrated, or deploy malicious actions.

The new Breach Detection technology scans for keyloggers, trojans, spyware, unauthorized registry changes, or other malicious activity, and notifies the MSP through email or direct PSA integration when anything suspicious is detected. The alert content can also be viewed and managed through the RapidFire Tools online portal. The technology requires no additional software or agents to be installed on the end-user’s network, in keeping with RapidFire Tools’ mission to provide non-intrusive, easily-deployed detection solutions.

The final element of the RapidFire Tools’ security solutions portfolio is Audit Guru, which enables MSPs to deliver compliance process automation. With this powerful software connected to their clients’ network, they can provide an initial compliance assessment; remediation services; compliance-specific documentation and ongoing compliance services for key legislation like GDPR.

There are many check-list products on the market that provide MSPs with a laundry list of tasks they must perform, and information they need to gather, process, analyse, and validate to be compliant with a number of regulations and laws. But Audit Guru takes the process to the next level by automating the collection of much of the data they need, analysing it, and providing dynamic worksheets that are customised based on the results of the collected data.

Audit Guru is like having a compliance assistant in a box, coordinating the collection of manually inputted information from various stakeholders, running automated data scans across the computer network, collecting and collating information and then producing mandatory reporting required under GDPR or HIPAA.

RapidFire Tools has now set up an Audit Guru Partner Program for both GDPR and HIPAA, enabling qualified IT service providers to meet the growing demands for compliance services while also generating new revenue streams. In June 2018, RapidFire Tools announced it had signed an agreement with distributor Prianto to offer its solutions to managed service providers in the Benelux market (Belgium/The Netherlands/Luxembourg).

It is clear that the acquisition of RapidFire Tools and the integration of its solutions into the IT Complete Security Suite offering has further strengthened the innovation that Kaseya can offer MSP customers. IT Complete is now able to meet all their critical security compliance and assessment needs.

Customer Success

RapidFire Tools has made the whole process of collating risk assessment information and generating reports easier for CYFOR, a leading UK-based provider of eDiscovery, digital forensics, cyber security and corporate investigations, providing a simple process for information to be gathered and then collated into reports that can be presented to the client, giving them a clear picture of what work has been done and what needs to be improved.

According to Darren McGuff, MSP Manager, CYFOR: “It also allows us to dive into the detail and pull out specific information as required. When we built a new security package with the help of partner, Continuum, we had no hesitation in building it around the RapidFire Tools’ solutions.”

Looking to the Future

In May 2019, Kaseya announced the acquisition of ID Agent, the leading threat intelligence and identity monitoring provider.

With this announcement, Kaseya furthers its IT security management suite by adding end-user protection to its existing infrastructure protection suite. ID Agent’s award-winning products, including Dark Web ID™, the channel’s number one dark web monitoring platform, and BullPhish ID™, a first-of-its-kind phishing simulator and security awareness training platform, now join with Kaseya’s existing suite of infrastructure management security solutions to provide complete protection.
ID Agent Dark Web ID combines human and sophisticated Dark Web intelligence with search capabilities to identify, analyse and proactively monitor for an organisation’s compromised or stolen employee and customer data. ID Agent BullPhish ID complements that data with simulated phishing attacks and security awareness training campaigns to educate employees, making them the best defence against cybercrime.
A Compelling Proposition

Taken together, all of the components of the IT Complete security suite help to deliver a fully integrated solution that enables MSPs to completely protect user networks and sensitive data from cybercriminals, ransomware and other malicious attacks. Additionally, these individual product offerings form a complete suite of integrated, best-in-class, cost-effective IT security solutions, giving MSPs a way to differentiate from their rivals and also providing Kaseya with an edge on its competitors in this sector.