Nomination Entry for Most Innovative Managed Service Solution : General
Wavex Technology Ltd
Orchestration/Automation Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Wavex Uniti® provides the core services that businesses need to be productive and achieve their business goals; it is a digital workplace that enables them to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Here are the the 6 key elements that differentiate Uniti®:
1. Simplicity
IT is complicated, commercial are opaque, difficult to manage, with lots of hidden costs. Uniti® solves that problem for businesses.
2. Predictability
Clear commercials around user numbers, no hidden costs (i.e. upgrades..etc)
3. Cost
Affordable quality sold on a simple per-user model
4. Flexibility
Consumption model - Pay for what you use. Scale up and down as your business demands change.
5. Availability
Many companies have been with the same, small provider, for years. But when someone goes on holiday or is sick, service degrades. Uniti® is available 24/7 to assist staff.
6. Strategic
Uniti® provides advice & guidance with an online road-map helping you budget and review the areas important to your business.

What tangible impact has your solution had on the market and your customers?

Uniti® solves a range of problems for customers and make them more productive:

Problem Statement : End-users experiencing long delays when logging simple requests.
Wavex Solution : We provided the client with A.N.A. our Autonomous Network Administration. She immediately resolves many of these simple requests.

Problem Statement : No estimated time of completion for low priority issues. “Will it be an hour, or a day?”
Wavex Solution : Uniti® estimates a likely response time and shows a popup to the end-user. Our engineers also estimate how long they believe an issue will take to resolve. This way all users know what is happening.

Problem Statement : Phoning the service-desk and each time speaking to a different person.
Wavex Solution : Uniti® controls our inbound phone routing and ensures users are connected to someone who they know and has received positive feedback from them. It is only if all familiar Wavex staff are busy, will it route to someone else.

Problem Statement : Inconsistent new starter and leaver processes
Wavex Solution : Wavex provides clients with starter/leaver processes which can be customised around their own specific business requirements. This ensures new users are setup reliably and leavers are disabled promptly, in-line with company policies.

What are the major differentiators between your solution and those of your primary competitors?
1. Enhanced security: Proactive vulnerability scanning, multi-factor authentication to protect access to applications and the fact that the data is backed-up at two separate datacentres, provides clients with peace of mind security.
2. Increased productivity: Uniti® enables clients to leverage Citrix and access their desktops from anywhere, on any device and operating system as long as they have an internet connection.
3. Scalability: Uniti® lets clients scale up and down as business demands.
4. Transparent and predictable pricing model: Uniti® provides all the IT business needs in a single, easy to buy, per user priced model.