With investment and innovation Tech Data has introduced a new range of cyber security services, designed to make it easier for the channel to improve their customers’ cyber security posture.
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With investment and innovation Tech Data has introduced a new range of cyber security services, designed to make it easier for the channel to improve their customers’ cyber security posture.

The world has evolved and so the channel needs to evolve also!
Digitalization is making organisations more and more data driven. Data can give organisations a huge competitive advantage. This translates into having monetary value. The more valuable data organisations collect, the more they become targets for cyber criminals. The term data is a very broad term, but we shouldn’t forget we are often referring to personal data. This could be your personal data, your child’s, your parents. Sadly it is often those who are most vulnerable in society that are at the greatest risk of exploitation. We have a moral duty therefore to protect sensitive data. Cyber security is no longer a nice to have, but a must have essential. Organisations are turning to their trusted IT providers in the channel for help.
Cyber security comes with a number of unique challenges
The nature of cyber security, makes it a difficult thing for organisations and the channel to offer effectively. In part this is down to how quickly new vulnerabilities are exposed and plugged. There is a race between the cyber criminals to find new ways in, and the cyber vendors to find new ways to keep the cyber criminals out. Unless you are laser focused on staying up-to-date on cyber security, many of the channel’s IT providers find it difficult to offer their customers cyber security with any real confidence and reassurance. Cyber security is one of those technologies that needs to be backed up by expert cyber security specialists, tools and technology. However, given the skills shortage in the industry, especially around cyber security, recruiting the best cyber security experts is difficult, not to mention an expensive overhead for channel IT providers not dedicated to cyber security.
The fragmented cyber security market doesn’t help things
The other challenge around cyber security is the fragmented nature of the market. Historically as new vulnerabilities have been detected, organisations have reached out for the latest solution for its features and protection. Consequently many organisations have found they have upwards of 40 plus IT vendors providing some sort of security protection to their IT estate. Having more technology vendors in an IT estate comes with the burden of higher management overhead costs, not to mention greater complexity. Part of being able to deliver a professional cyber security solution is being able to consolidate the number of IT vendors and simplify the ongoing management along with lowering costs, whilst ensuring there are no gaps in protection. This comes back to having expert knowledge and understanding of the cyber security market and vulnerabilities.

Even the cyber security experts are more successful with help and support
Tech Data recognised the challenges many of its customers were facing. Even those with cyber security expertise, sometimes wanted a little help here and there. Sometimes it is because they have a temporary skills shortage. Other times it makes sense to outsource certain cyber security projects to free up internal resources to focus on more strategic projects. For others, outsourcing gives them the flexibility to take on new customers and projects, without needing to keep expensive resources on the bench in reserve.

Tech Data comes to the channel’s rescue with investment and innovation
Given the need to help customers with and without cyber security expertise, Tech Data developed a new range of cyber security services called the RECON Security Suite. These are mainly subscription based services the channel can resell to their customers and then Tech Data will execute the delivery. For channel IT providers without cyber security expertise, this is a simple and effective way to help their customers improve their cyber security posture. For those with cyber security skills, the RECON Security Suite can be augmented with their existing offering, giving them enhanced operational capability and flexibility.

The RECON Security Suite is structured into the following targeted categories:
• RECON MSP: Managed security services focused on the day-to-day management of security solutions, including Managed Next-Generation Firewall; Managed Identity; Managed Endpoint; 24x7 Support and Monitoring Services; Reporting Services
• RECON ProServ: Security-focused consulting services
• RECON Risk: Consultation services which assess and offer solutions for an organization’s key security risks
• RECON SOC: Security Operations Centre services including incident response and real-time alerting
• RECON Restore: A portfolio of backup and recovery solutions that can restore a system from catastrophic ransomware or malware attacks.

The RECON Security Suite will evolve to reflect the ever-changing threat landscape and emerging technology categories such as IoT. The RECON offering is based around the U.S. National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework, a recognized standard that enables organisations to better protect themselves against cyber security threats.

RECON lowers the barriers to entry and provides a stepping stone to channel enablement
Setting up cyber security services is surprisingly cost prohibitive for many of the mid-market or SMB resellers. Faced with high set up costs and no guarantee of repeatable revenue, the financial risk can be too great. However, with the RECON Security Suite, channel IT providers don’t need to incur the time and expense involved in developing cyber security services. In particular they don’t need to:
• Develop supporting collateral
• Create legal and contractual documents
• Invest in the latest cyber security tools
• Staff a support centre 24 x7 with cyber security engineers
• Gain and maintain relevant vendor cyber security technical certifications
• Develop close support relationships with all the main cyber security vendors.
With Tech Data managing the service creation and delivery, the RECON Services Suite allows the channel to enter the market very quickly and with a low cost of entry.

Most of the channel IT providers recognise the need to evolve their business over time. Therefore, once a channel IT provider is comfortable with reselling Tech Data’s cyber security services, Tech Data can give them access to an enablement path to become a cyber security expert in their own right. To start with Tech Data delivers sales and certified technical training. Tech Data is also rolling out a Partner Transformation Practice Builder Programme that navigates and supports customers to move from being traditional product resellers to service aggregators or providers. This encompasses both business and technological transformation that needs to happen and is a very consultative process. Ultimately, Tech Data is showing it is helping channel IT providers go from having no cyber security experience, to reselling cyber security offerings; and then on to eventually building up their own set of cyber security expertise and service offerings (otherwise known as a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP)).

A better future
SMBs are too frequently overlooked when it comes to cyber security, and yet ironically they are often the most in need of protection. By making the world’s best and latest cyber security more accessible to SMBs and their trusted IT providers, Tech Data hopes to make it easier for organisations to better protect their organisational data. That translates into better protection for you, I and the citizens of the world. We may never stop cyber criminals entirely, but this investment shows Tech Data is committed to working with the channel to make technology a force for good and a tool for keeping us all much safer.