Hybrid Cloud for LegalIT Our solution design offers a range of tailored services delivered in the most secure way possible. We support clients entire business through our blend of strategy compliance connectivity and process. Experts in the provision of secure compliant and fast LegalIT. We are the benchmark.
Sprout Technologies Ltd
Managed Services Provider Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Sprout have developed a lean, customised, highly powerful and fully managed Cloud solution specifically for UK Legal services. Our clients include solicitors, ABS, chambers and associated legal supply chain. We do not, and will not, operate in any other vertical.

We understand that time-is-money for our clients and that technology based competitive advantage is very powerful. At the same time, the security of user and client data is paramount. We design solutions that marry the need for speed, alongside the requirement for cyber security and resilience. Our solution designs are built on three key pillars; Hybrid Cloud, Cyber Resilience, Service Delivery

HYBRID CLOUD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44wYvKqvm08 Not all clouds are the same! Sprout IT's very own hybrid cloud service, SproutCloud®, provides hosted IT services, dedicated to the UK Legal Sector, delivered with a specific focus on security and compliance. Builds include 24x7x365 support, end-to-end ISO27001, full UK data processing, private (layer2) connectivity and IP addressing, full mobile device and application management, multi-factor authentication and firewall-as-a-service – all as standard. No clients ever share address space, internet connectivity, operating systems, storage or applications. This makes the virtual private cloud segment, completely agnostic and fully customisable. We tailor VDI and Shared Desktop environments to take advantage of the latest profile management and secure print technologies. Customised apps are streamed in and all individual sessions are real-time performance monitored, alongside the underlying delivery platforms. We enable remote working from any device alongside full business presence with SproutVoice, a fully hosted phone system, integrating Voice, Presence, Instant Messaging, Video, Desktop Sharing, and Mobility. The solution allows clients to manage their everyday legal workloads more easily. Document management, diary, case and fee management, time recording, and CRM applications are available to agile worker, alongside email + archive and file sharing/collaboration tools. We blend Private, Microsoft, and Citrix and selected other public cloud vendors into an holistic solution for each client.

CYBER RESILIENCE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pPi30o7VRk We have been promoting data security and utilising the best cyber security technology and techniques, since we began. This is not a new concept for Sprout. Cyber security is in our DNA and is at the heart of everything we do. We build and test the most suitable technology products and solutions for each of our clients, resulting in bespoke and blended outcomes, to meet the specific needs of our LegalIT clients. Building and maintaining cyber and reputational resilience, is critical in Legal IT. Cyber security starts with the end users - educating your staff is the number one priority. Our CyberAware training can provide you the peace of mind when it comes to keeping your data secure. In security, people are often seen as a vulnerability, as opposed to a defence. However, robust cyber defence is made up of tools, process and people. When properly armed, people aren’t so much gateways as they are gatekeepers. They can actually prevent the attacks technological defences cannot. We offer the world’s first intelligent cyber security and data analytics platform that enables you to quantify your human cyber risk and resilience, whilst measuring whether your awareness activities (such as training and phishing simulations) are actually working. It does this in a way both information security professionals and executives can understand. CyberAware is cyber security technology that fuses psychology and behavioural science with artificial intelligence and data science. This is the end of ineffective tick-box awareness training. Remembering and using effective passwords can be easily achieved with our multi-factor authentication, improving enterprise security that keeps your corporate network and applications safe and secure. Our Firewall-as-a-Service is a powerful, fully monitored and managed, single service solution that protects your network 24/7, 365 days a year. Your email battle against malicious malware, phishing and viruses is ever-evolving. Sprout has years of experience using specialist antispam/virus email scanning and best of breed email security which constantly evolves to address emerging threats. Cyber resilience is at the heart of GDPR – no one wants to breach personal data. With our DPO as a service, we ensure our clients stay ahead of the game and on top of their responsibilities.

SERVICE DELIVERY: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yH9oXfACyY Sprout IT take extreme pride in our customer service as well as our comprehensive approach to design, implementation, support and the testing of new technologies. We design bespoke consultancy packages to support the business needs of each client, encompassing regular on site management, consultancy, technical and service desk time. Our SproutWatch and Out of Hours Service is delivered from SproutIT New Zealand, 24x7x365. A pure, in house and secure 24x7x365 service. Clients benefit from 100’s of years of combined LegalIT experience, making IT smooth and completely stress-free. We provide clients with the full expertise and capability of an experienced IT professional, ensuring success at board level through fully customised strategy and use of the latest technology. Most importantly, we ensure a client gets the best from their investment with Sprout – most MSPs sit back and count the cash. We ensure the clients, extract the value. The vCIO will develop detailed roadmaps, bespoke to the client’s needs. https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/3908548/Data Sheet Images/Strategic IT Roadmap New.pdf

MARKET IMPACT: Our clients enjoy competitive advantage, delivered through our technology design and delivery platforms. We are able to demonstrate ROI and have provided the tech-enablement for some of our clients to deliver hyper growth in a highly competitive legal market. Other MSPs can, and do try to, offer competing solutions. However our intimate knowledge of the market and our attention to detail during the ‘discovery phase’ with new clients, means that we are able to design a far more bespoke and suitable solution. Cyber security is in the DNA of our service portfolio and each of our colleagues. We do not have to ‘design in’ cyber security as it is at the forefront of our business, as it has been for 13 years, long before the work ‘cyber’ was a throwaway buzz word. Our new breed of solutions intentionally conceal complexity, instead presenting easy-to-use and easily accessible tools for productivity. The solutions work across all platforms whether belonging to the company or belonging to the individual (important for firms with a “bring your own device” policy.) Clients report to us, that a reduction in complexity gives more time and more brain space for creativity, essential for exceptional performance in any legal role. The employee experience is greatly enhanced by providing them with workspace tools with facilitate productivity and reduce reliance on process. Our bespoke digital workspaces are particularly effective in recording and analysing individual employee’s behaviour to take automatic action when it thinks that employee actions may put the firm’s wider security at risk. This is a key element, in a world where under pressure staff, have to work harder and faster – and may be more prone to cyber mistakes.

I highly recommend them as one of the most knowledgeable IT specialists in the market, they consistently provide an outstanding service, delivering projects on time.” EUA Business Administrator

“Sprout prepared for our migration to their hosted platform meticulously, and worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition for all users. All of the Sprout team are knowledgeable, highly responsive and a pleasure to work with. I am relieved to be working with an IT partner who views security and resilience as their number one priority.” Chambers Manager

“The guys at Sprout are super, always providing an efficient and accurate ‘no nonsense’ response. No problem or question is beyond them and everything is approached with a ‘can do’ and very friendly attitude. Couldn’t recommend Sprout highly enough.” Head of IT

“Sprout IT have taken time and effort to learn the requirements of our business and have tailored their services accordingly. Their expertise is highly valued and their recommendations, based on their in-depth knowledge of our industry, are always accurate and compliant.” Chambers Administrator

"Since Sprout came on board we have a coherent and strategic approach to our IT needs." Solicitor, Mediator and Collaborative Lawyer

“From professional design and smooth installation of a brand new infrastructure to its further development and maintenance, Sprout IT have always provided an excellent service and we have total confidence in their ability to support us in a practical, innovative and no-nonsense way. Quite simply Sprout IT have never let us down.” Chambers Director

“We appreciate the calm, knowledgeable and hands on approach of the Sprout IT staff enabling us to concentrate on delivering a high quality service to our clients. Sprout have assisted us with a major overhaul of our IT network after a seamless handover from our previous IT firm.” Director of Finance and Management

“We contracted an independent IT Specialist to oversee the tender process; he was confident that SproutIT is way ahead of the competition.” COO

“I stopped worrying about our IT when we started working with Sprout. We’ve been with them for several years now and I still have complete confidence in them.” Practice Director