Keepabl's Personal Data Breach Solution helps MSPs rapidly react to customer breaches
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With the jaw-dropping intended GDPR fines on BA (£183m) and Marriott (£99m), Keepabl's new Personal Data Breach Solution allows MSPs a timely way to easily be alerted when a customer suspects a personal data breach and to rapidly react, viewing the breach record in real time.

The solution is based within Keepabl's award-winning GDPR SaaS Solution, allowing end users a simple way to record any suspected personal data breach into Keepabl's cloud-based service, from anywhere, at any time. There's even a unique link which the MSP can enable in a customer's intranet (which Keepabl calls the 'Breach Button') and the end user doesn't even need a Keepabl account! They just click the link, enter the details of the suspected breach into the web form, which populates the customer's Keepabl Breach Log and an email alert is sent to the MSP and key customer contacts. The MSP can review the record and advise on next steps such as using the Mobile Device Management service to lock and locate the device, check access and wipe if necessary.

Keepabl's GDPR SaaS Solution has been built from the ground up with MSPs in mind. Founded by an ex-General Counsel in VC-backed SaaS companies, its laser focus on the customer and baked-in logic has earned it accolades such as GDPR Company of the Year 2019 from CIO Applications Europe and nomination by The Fintech Power 50 to its inaugural Ones to Watch cohort. Keepabl's focus on simplicity and helping non-specialists get the GDPR job done sets it apart.

Over to Paul Birbeck, Operations Director at Eventura: 'Keepabl is very much the “GDPR app” we’ve been looking for. A great tool to aid in initial compliance and ongoing management of data protection in a solution that gives the MSP opportunities. There's an excellent level of support, documentation and FAQ’s. Keepabl offers a friendly way to get involved in GDPR without needing (or pretending) to be an expert and is very good on risk reporting - the single biggest change the UK SME space needs to make to improve its security and continual improvement objectives.'

And the solution forms part of the PRIVACY STACK®, the Keepabl-curated methodology to identify the services customers need (and MSPs can provide) to achieve GDPR targets. As Amit Parbhucharan, GM for EMEA at Beachhead Solutions, Inc., a Privacy Stack Partner, notes: “Our new partnership with Keepabl is important, as supporting our MSP partners to be successful and grow means helping them unlock revenue potential through resolute GDPR compliance.”

Keepabl's innovative Personal Data Breach Solution helps MSPs manage and limit their customers' data risk.