DSP Nomination for the Category of 'Best Cloud Platform-based Managed Service Solution'
Cloud/MSP Project of the Year
Entry Description
DSP performed a large-scale Managed Services operation for Stonewater Housing Association which involved a migration and consolidation of its applications into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The Housing Association was formed by the merging of three separate, smaller companies, which resulted in three sets of EBS infrastructures and three sets of Northgate applications being used simultaneously. The new company’s environment was over-complicated, difficult to manage, and far more expensive than it needed to be. The existing platforms, which used Oracle Database 10g and Sparc/Unix technologies, were also outdated and impractical to set as the basis of Stonewater’s brand new visage.

“With an ageing and increasingly expensive on-premise hardware model it was imperative that our business moved to the cloud to realise the benefits of scalability, the right level of performance and commercial flexibility." - A. Patel, Director of IT at Stonewater.

DSP’s solution was to help Stonewater test and migrate the Database and Webtier to 12c and Linux, after which we could consolidate their environment and move everything to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our architects designed and implemented the solution in full, ensuring that the applications used widely within by Housing Associations – namely Northgate – were catered for on the new platform.

A crucial aspect of the Solution was to ensure that all of the data from the three companies that had merged would remain safe and useable throughout the migration, and that the new system would be capable of taking a greater influx of data than the old ones had been. To this end, we also offered Managed Services solutions throughout the operation. Stonewater were therefore confident in both our ability to work with OCI, based on our previous experience with the platform, and our sincerity in supporting them throughout the process with our ongoing Managed Services.

Thanks to our solution, the customer no longer has to process three different sets of applications and EBS infrastructures. This saves them money, time, and assets within their own company. Their new environment is also far more secure and well-designed for a company interested in future-proofing its assets. It also possesses a larger capacity for data influx and more up-to-date programmes. Since our work with Stonewater, DSP are set up to complete similar work for other Housing Associations; we are now familiar with their preferred applications, their priorities as businesses, and how to tailor these preferences to sit on an Oracle Cloud Platform.

Our approach is always to find a solution that fits the customer’s needs, but it is our proactive nature as a company that sets us apart from our competitors. We do not provide arbitrary price lists or one-size-fits-all solutions: we tailor our work to suit the customer, their industry, and the reason for their decision to modernise or consolidate their assets.

DSP’s Oracle Cloud Calculator, rolled out at the start of this year, also has a vital place in setting us apart from our competitors. New customers can use our Oracle Cloud Calculator to get a completely free quote estimating how much their migration to Oracle would cost based on a number of specifications selected by the user, before they commit to any conversations with DSP. The calculator therefore provides clients with the tools to research their ideal solution on their own terms, after which DSP will design a solution that fits their priorities.

As demonstrated by the solution we designed and implemented for Stonewater, DSP will work to suit their industry-specific requirements and to improve all aspects of their data experience. We specialise in energising Database Platforms, extending Data Management, and embracing the client’s Data, as we did during the planning, consolidation, and migration of Stonewater’s applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Supporting links:
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