CSL Router for: Most Innovative Managed Service Solution: Security
Data Security/Compliance Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
• What are your solution's key distinguishing features and/or USP?
The CSL Router range offers instant connectivity for CCTV, HVAC, EAS, Access Control, Payment Terminals and much more. As well as single SIM options, the range now includes a new variant which is supplied with a dual SIM option for total resilience. Both send data via 4G, providing an instant, encrypted connection to the internet on sites where wired broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow. The dual SIM option is supplied with two network diverse WorldSIMs, one active and one on standby for total resilience. The standard option comes with a single network SIM for the most cost-effective bundle. The single network option can be configured to provide back-up 4G connectivity for an existing broadband service.

• What tangible impact has your solution had on the market and your customers?
CSL Router has been utilised in over 4,000 installations since its launch in 2018, as well as winning two prestigious industry awards – showing the positive impact Installers feel this is having to their offerings. The product offers Installers, ARCs and Distributors the opportunity to benefit from recurring monthly revenues. This adds value to the entire business chain, whilst also spreading costs to make them more manageable for all parties. Feedback from across the industry has also been extremely positive with projects covering Retail, Schools, Leisure Facilities and many more. Further positive impact on the industry is demonstrated by the established partnership with CCTV manufacturers and the growing partnership with distribution channels. Both groups are seeing the value in offering this product to their customers.

• What are the major differentiators between your solution and those of your primary competitors?
CSL Router provides true roaming on 4G. The 4G back-up option is used where you have an existing broadband connection. CSL Router is connected to the broadband but should that fail, the 4G connection will be automatically failed over 4G. Additionally, CSL Router allows Installers to make their communications cyber safe and GDPR compliant, whilst also avoiding conflict with IT teams as it does not interfere with existing infrastructure. The ongoing data packages with no over usage fees are unrivalled compared to any other solution on the market. CSL Router is supplied with the appropriate SIM for usage (2GB as standard with other bundles available upon request) and can also be adjusted should the conditions of your usage change. This flexibility enables Installers to have the high data allowance they desire and remain as cost effective as possible.

• Please supply any supportive quotes and/or case study materials to demonstrate the value of this solution to your customers/partners.

CIA Fire and Security – Access Control

CIA approached CSL as they required a connectivity solution that could provide remote access to the Lawn Tennis Association’s (LTA) tennis courts.
Having used the CSL for a number of years for their alarm signalling, CIA were confident that CSL Router would be able to offer trusted connectivity. The CSL Router was chosen to provide 4G connectivity for the electronic locking system at the tennis courts. Elements of the system were solar powered and CSL also provided a consultancy service to ensure the Router could operate with this power source. The Router provides a connection between the electronic lock and booking system. As a result, users can now book a time slot online where they receive an access code. When they arrive at their allocated court, the electronic lock is primed to receive the code. A lot of the tennis courts are in remote locations, the CSL Router provided connectivity where fixed line internet wasn’t available, ensuring that the courts would not be left out of action.

The CSL Router is ideal where the challenges and cost implications of wired broadband are not an option. CIA now have over 80 CSL Routers in operation all supported by CSL’s fully managed service.

Glendale Security Systems – CCTV

Glendale Security Systems were looking for a solution that provided peace of mind to Eladon’s Shetland Ponies, especially during foaling time – where the animals often need emergency support. The stable housing the Shetland Ponies had no broadband and the owner lived on a separate site away from the location.

Glendale Security Systems were provided with a CSL Router which offered wireless Connectivity with remote access. The site itself had no wired broadband available and to install a dedicated line would have been very expensive. The CSL Router provide secure Connectivity via a 4G SIM – offering a cheaper alternative whilst ensuring security was not compromised.

Instant deployment of the solution was a critical requirement to monitor the stables. The pre-configured Router was provisioned, configured, tested and shipped by CSL to Glendale Security Systems. The installation was completed easily and quickly – with only a power supply required to set up the Router. This quick install avoided any further disruption to the animals – whilst also saving the Installer and the end-user valuable time. The Router was then remotely monitored around the clock and supplemented with full business hours Technical Support.

Eladon’s Shetland Ponies were especially thankful for the CSL Router following the birth of a foal to one of the centre’s oldest mares. When the foal was born she decided to jump into the water bucket and couldn't get out. Had it not been for the CCTV system, and the remote access provided by the CSL Router, the staff would not have been alerted. Luckily the owners were able to get there within minutes to the relief of the panicking mother. Since having the CCTV system installed, the staff at the centre have spotted a few different incidents that needed their immediate attention.