Quantum StorNext 6.3
Storage Management Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Extracting more and more value from data is becoming one of the most critical aspects of current and future success of modern businesses. And because of this value, the amount of data being collected is continuing to grow – particularly unstructured data from IoT devices, mobile devices and rich-media environments.

As enterprise around the world harness the power of data, they have added ways to capture it, ultimately leading to its massive growth. In many ways this is therefore forcing many businesses to rethink their approach towards managing and storing data. Questions of how to manage such high-volumes of data cost-effectively, how to ensure it can always be accessed when and where it is needed, and how can it be protected – these have become key concerns with CIOs today.

Establishing the right technology foundation to ensure an organization has the best solution to all three questions can provide a real competitive advantage and facilitate digital transformation. On the other hand, not having the right foundation can stifle business agility, reduce staff productivity, and lead to massive cost overruns.

Enter Quantum StorNext 6.3

Quantum’s StorNext platform was specifically designed to address the data management challenges facing modern businesses – particularly those in highly data-intensive environments such as media & entertainment, video surveillance, oil & gas and government security.

Those companies that are struggling to store large, rapidly growing data sets and drive business value from that data are quickly realising that their legacy solutions are simply unable to provide the level of performance required. Furthermore, the increased complexity of data storage has reduced the ability of traditional infrastructures to quickly ingest, globally share and efficiently manage data without impacting availability.

That’s why the refreshed StorNext 6.3 product line has been engineered to satisfy the modern storage requirements of the most demanding applications and workloads. Not only does the platform overcome the most common storage limitations, it also provides more efficient and cost-effective ways to share and access files across geographically distributed teams, manage and protect archived data, and audit changes to data throughout its lifecycle.

For example, advanced data management capabilities empower customers to optimise capacity through policy-driven, automated storage tiering, thereby reducing the need for costly primary storage. Files can be automatically and transparently moved from flash, to tape, object storage or the cloud – all while maintaining high availability.

Greater collaboration with increased data protection and availability is also assured, whether for capturing geospatial imagery, ingesting next-generation sequencing data or collecting network traffic for cybersecurity. With shared primary storage, extended online storage, tape archive, and cloud tiers, StorNext streamlines collaboration for geographically dispersed teams, by ensuring the right data is in the right place at the right time.

The key features and benefits of StorNext 6.3 include:

Unmatched in Aggregating Storage Media Performance StorNext is unique in having out-of-band metadata communication, which allows improved data access between clients and the shared storage environment. StorNext also provides numerous options for storage administrators to performance tune their environment, ensuring available storage resources are being used as efficiently as possible.

Comprehensive SAN and NAS Accessibility With the ability to provide cross-protocol locking for shared access across SAN, NFS, and SMB, StorNext is an optimal platform for organizations that have collaborative workflows and need to share content across both Fibre Channel and Ethernet

Highly Adaptable to Unique Workflow Requirements Only StorNext allows for such a high number of configurable options to optimize the entire data path between user and storage media. Whether your choice is NAS, SAN, IB, or NVMe access, StorNext allows you to maximise your networking investment and still function effectively in a heterogenous client environment.

Tight Integration with Best-in-Class Archiving Options StorNext advanced data management software seamlessly unifies high-performance primary storage with multiple tiers of on- and off-premise archive storage for cost-effectively preserving massive volumes of content. And with a number of automated policies to drive the data movement, storage administrators can streamline these operations.

With StorNext 6.3 in place, businesses can benefit from 2x faster performance in the production of 8K content in real time, new predictive tiering and analytics capabilities, new ways to integrate with cloud, and a simplified user experience. And beyond all other storage solutions, StorNext provides the most capable solution to balance performance and capacity requirements across an entire end-to-end workflow, so organizations are best able to right size their technology investment for the best return. Ultimately these capabilities give businesses the power to transform their storage infrastructure and make the most of the digital opportunities available to them over the months and years to come.

The Rebel Fleet Case study – Integrating high-performance storage into a rugged, mobile rig

The Rebel Fleet was recently engaged on a live-action film project for a major Hollywood studio and planned to provide multiple digital workflow services, including conducting initial colour grading and quality control, archiving content to digital tape and uploading clips to a secure online dailies platform for key stakeholder review.

To do this, it required a new storage solution that could deliver the performance and collaborative capabilities required for onset processing of raw, high-resolution media. It also had to be incorporated into a mobile rig that could be carted to remote locations.

With these requirements in mind, the Rebel Fleet chose the StorNext platform. Not only did StorNext significantly accelerate workflows, it also enabled the team to double the ingest volume from 200TB to 400TB in the middle of the production without interrupting the shooting schedule.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what the company’s Founder and Managing Director, Michael Urban, had to say: “StorNext has changed the way we work. It provides the performance we need plus the flexibility to support a wide variety of creative tools and processes. With StorNext, we are completely unconstrained.”