Pulseway Mobile-first, Cloud-first IT Management Solution.
Software-as-a-Service Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Pulseway is an innovative IT Management Solution that transformed thousands of businesses all over the world.
Pulseway offers a complete IT stack of solutions for MSPs and IT professionals such as RMM Software (Remote Monitoring and Management), PSA (Professional Service Automation), Antivirus and Backup. All-powerful on their own - but even better when you use them together.
That is the very basis of Pulseway, all solutions are available and fully integrable with each other within the premises of one product.
Thanks to regular updates and close interaction with its customers, Pulseway is able to deliver features according to the clients' needs. Among the latest updates, you can find MSP Toolkit, integration with multiple applications such as IT Glue, ConnectWise and etc, more than 40 Third-Party patching titles, and enhancements to the popular Remote Desktop feature with the addition of File Transfer and an interactive User Chat.
Pulseway RMM offers on-premise integration for all systems including Windows, macOS, and Linux. The main differentiator between Pulseway and its competitors relies on mobility of the product without taking away the functionality aspect. Being a long-lasting partner of thousands of MSP providers all over the world, Pulseway recognizes the needs of MSP business and keeps on delivering a solution that grows its clients business while delivering the highest service to the existing client base. Pulseway offers full IT stack solution that transformed thousands of business and individual clients in the last 8 years. Being the SaaS provider in 2019 means delivering a solution that simplifies the client's everyday tasks while helping the business grow, securely and steady, that what Pulseway aims to do.
The number one difference with any competitor in this market is a simple fact that other applications tend to offer a linear, more specific solution. Whether its RMM, PSA or endpoint protection, it is almost never offered as a full-stack to customers. That is why Pulseway is simply better. It eliminates the need for multiple software and the hardship of management them all while simultaneously cutting the cost for MSP and IT departments. On top of that, no RMM or IT management solution offers a fully comprehensive mobile app.

See what IT Professionals are saying about Pulseway.

"Remotely control your workstation/server, amazing product, easy to use, feature-packed, a great developer and ever-growing. Give it a go and see for yourself, saved me on many occasions."
Ed Cooper, Primary Technology (Lead Designer and Engineering Consultant)

"Pulseway makes it so much easier to use a smartphone to tackle those small jobs en route, which could otherwise become urgent priorities as the clock ticks on during the day."
Austin Ellis, Global PC Ltd. (Director)

"It is an invaluable tool to follow up on alerts from our monitoring system while on the road – no need to connect via VPN and log on to the troubled server. The support for Pulseway is awesome."
Brian Hansen, eBay (System Administrator)

"Support teams of tech-savvy mobile professionals will appreciate the real-time data and powerful mobile application included in Pulseway, an innovative choice for modern IT management software."
Lanette Creamer, PCMag
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