Six Degrees Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year Entry
Six Degrees
Cloud Platform Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Six Degrees is a cloud-led managed service provider. We work collaboratively with our clients, helping them to introduce transformative technologies that drive innovation and address their business challenges. Our passionate teams combine technical expertise and deep sector-specific knowledge to innovate, craft and manage the right solutions to power their businesses.

The breadth and strength of Six Degrees’ technology is its foundation. Solutions range from data and application performance management through to colocation and unified communications, all with private, public or hybrid cloud at its core.

Six Degrees works collaboratively and builds long-term partnerships through exceptional services that match its clients’ needs. Over the past 12 months we have worked closely with our clients to ensure that our solutions meet their security, regulatory, operational and investor requirements.

In order to meet contemporary security challenges, we recently completed the acquisition of award winning security consultancy CNS Group. The acquisition of CNS Group has enabled us to stand out from the crowd by delivering managed services, security services and consultancy in a seamless, integrated manner that removes resource and management burden from our clients.

At Six Degrees we continually invest in our product portfolio to meet clients’ operational and regulatory requirements. GDPR, MiFID II and constantly developing cyber-threats are all putting pressure on organisations in 2019. Our product innovations have allowed our clients to meet these challenges head-on, whilst alleviating the time and resource burden so our clients can focus on their core deliverables.

The notion that ‘cloud’ means putting data into some massive US mega centre is becoming outdated. At Six Degrees we are continually developing our cloud technology approach: we’ve always been cloud-agnostic, but we’re doing even more to offer our clients exactly what they need from varied public, private, multi- or hybrid cloud environments and becoming more application-led to support the operational, regulatory and sovereignty requirements of our clients.

Over the past 12 months, Six Degrees has strengthened its partner relationships with hyperscale cloud vendors Microsoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS). We bridge skills gaps by supporting organisations through design, migration, adoption and support of cloud services, whether it’s our proprietary Enterprise Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS or a multi-cloud environment. This varied cloud approach has been enthusiastically adopted by our clients, who are looking to reap the benefits of multi-cloud without exposing themselves to unnecessary risk.