N2WS Backup & Recovery
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) Project of the Year
Entry Description
N2WS is an enterprise level backup and disaster recovery solution featuring very flexible backup scheduling, ensuring you are protected from outages, failures, and data losses. Built specifically for AWS, N2WS gives enterprise teams the ability to back up data as often as needed and recover it far more quickly than with traditional on-premises. N2WS protects hundreds of thousands of Amazon EC2 instances for thousands of customers that need to back up often, recover quickly, ensure 100% uptime and ultimately saves these teams an enormous amount of time and resources. All responsible businesses should be equipped with a disaster recovery strategy. Native-tools do not provide easy options for cross-account or cross-region DR. This severely limits your ability to keep your business running smoothly in the event of regional disasters or an account compromise. N2WS Backup & Recovery provides central management for multiple accounts and simplifies this process by fully supporting multi-tenancy and allowing you to set permissions to suit the way you and your users work. You need a solution that provides a single pane of glass across multiple AWS accounts. Finally N2WS has a giant “recovery” button that allows you to recover anything from a single file to entire instances and even environments in seconds (and fully supports application-consistency for proper viable backups). Native-tools do not provide any recovery options. Furthermore, the AWS Cloud continues to grow. It currently spans 60 Availability Zones, 20 geographic regions. Enterprises struggle with ensuring backup of their data cross regions and accounts. Using N2WS’s disaster recovery feature, organizations can rest easy knowing that their data is available and recoverable even if a whole region is down. . Most companies, particularly ones new to the cloud are unknowingly pouring company assets down the drain. Wasted cloud spend is astronomical—forecasted to reach $21 billion/year by 2021. Chances are, if you’re spending money on cloud, some of that money is being wasted mainly due to idle resources and unnecessary storage costs and one of the biggest causes of cloud waste an instance is not used 100% of the time. More likely, it will be utilized during office hours or at specific times when a certain job is running. The rest of the time, the instance will be idle—producing cost while doing nothing for you. Even in smaller cloud environments with only a few instances running (let alone larger ones), this can have a significant effect on your AWS monthly bill. N2WS has made a conscious effort to help companies with these growing problems. N2WS enhances company's cloud savings by automatically backing up, up to hundreds of thousands of Amazon EC2 instances, eliminating the need for home grown scripts, and simplifying the process further - ultimately saving precious devops time so they can focus on business-critical tasks.
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