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Cloud Security Innovation of the Year
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The complexity of IT estates and demands for better security means that service providers are divided between generalists and security specialists—Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs). These two types of providers are not in competition, but are complementary, with MSPs mainly focusing on managing infrastructure while MSSPs exclusively handle security.

SolarWinds® Threat Monitor was built for MSSPs and security-minded MSPs and is designed to help reduce the complexity of threat detection. The platform was purpose-built from the ground up to be fast, scalable, flexible, and most of all, to deliver efficiencies when dealing with security events. A specialist outsourced security provider needs a tool that can handle multiple customers at multiple locations, using a centralised dashboard.

Threat Monitor is a cloud-based platform that helps detect, respond to, and report on security events, including suspicious activity and malware amid the noise of customer networks. It’s designed to make technology professionals jobs easier.
Threat Monitor does not just provide basic protection against threats, but is a fully-featured Security Operations Centre (SOC) designed to monitor an IT estate, assess those threats, and defend against them.

Its real-time features include threat intelligence continuously updated from multiple sources, a centralised view of all log file information, intrusion detection systems, automated threat response, and alarms that use user-configured thresholds and rules.

Threat Monitor gives its users a central command hub to monitor for threats, respond to them, and generate reports from anywhere, at any time. It was built to be easy for MSSPs of all sizes to set up and scale—accommodating both business and customer growth.
Threat Monitor represents a compelling alternative to the costly and complex solutions offered by enterprise-focused security software vendors, which require multiple, disconnected products staffed by multiple, highly specialized people in a security operations centre. And Threat Monitor does not stand alone.

SolarWinds MSP’s Threat Monitoring Service Program is designed to help MSP’s build services that they can offer to customers or partner with MSSP’s to create a combined offering.

Through the program, MSPs can partner with a Threat Monitoring Service Provider (TMSP) such as Secuvant to offer their customers a far more robust security offering, without having to build it themselves. It’s designed to give MSPs the chance to partner with a security specialist to deliver the type of 24/7 SOC services that are becoming paramount in the market without having to invest heavily in their own SOC and security-type professionals—the MSSP helps to provide that bridge.

Businesses need security protection, but may not have the funds or employees to build what they need. They may also be reluctant to work with a new provider, and are likely to prefer an all-in-one solution.
Many MSP’s are not equipped to provide both a fully-featured IT management offering and a full security offering. Similarly, MSSP’s are not in the business of managing IT estates. Threat Monitor, in conjunction with the Threat Monitor Service Program, gives MSSPs the tool they need to provide a Security Operations Centre, plus a route to market via MSP partners.

Rick Flood, Managing Director of Falanx Cyber, said: “Threat Monitor has opened up new market opportunities for Falanx. Historically we were focused on government clients but Threat Monitor has opened up the entire commercial mid-market for us. The portal in Threat Monitor enables our clients to see what is happening across their network 24/7 with the comfort that our analysts are also looking and triaging these events. Our model of selling through MSPs delivers value both to the end customer as well as the MSP for the remediation of any situation which we identify as worthy of an alert.
People can sleep easier at night knowing we are watching over them”