Cloud Company of the Year
Entry Description
SaltDNA is a fast growing cybersecurity 500 company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland. As a company SaltDNA has shown extremely high levels of growth. 2017 was a record-breaking year for SaltDNA and 2018 saw SaltDNA expand once again, increasing sales, expanding their partner programme and gathering customers across 6 continents. SaltDNA were once again named in the top half of the Cybersecurity 500, and were also named 'Best Small Tech Company' at the 2018 Digital DNA Awards.

SaltDNA is the first company to provide a solution for encrypted communications between devices with centralised control for the enterprise. SaltDNA Enterprise is the best weapon enterprises have to protect trade secrets and other sensitive, strategic and proprietary information.

Mobile phones are a hotspot for hackers to intercept important information about your work and personal life. For more than 70% of US adults, smartphones are the preferred device for accessing the Internet (Gallup, 2014; company information is routinely communicated on smartphones. With the huge number of communication options on a smartphone the attack surface for hacking and for the interception of strategic information is large and growing.

Much of the world first became aware of the reality of information interception a number of years ago with the Edward Snowden revelations on the extent of US government eavesdropping; and the News of the World phone hacking scandal in the UK where it was found that members of News Group International routinely hacked into people's private conversations. Since then, reports of phone hacking and communications interception are increasingly more frequent last week, among other hacking news, the Mirror Group settled 21 claims of phone hacking. According to insurance giant Lloyd's, companies are losing as much as $400 billion to hackers every year, with smartphone being a key target.

What's fueling increased mobile communications intercept is technology. The means to hack a phone, and to intercept information, is readily available to anyone. IMSI catchers, devices for intercepting and eavesdropping on mobile phones are portable, affordable and available for anyone to purchase on eBay, Alibaba and many other websites. Just search for "buy an IMSI catcher".

SaltDNA’s rock-solid encryption framework together with its focus on mobile usability, deployment flexibility, and comprehensive control functions make it effortless to strengthen and reinforce our client’s security posture.

SaltDNA’s Growth

SaltDNA had an extremely successful 2018 being awarded highly commended ‘Innovative Business of the Year’ at the BEFTA 2018 Awards. SaltDNA’s success was evident throughout 2018- notably being shortlisted as Best New Entrant into International Markets 2018 in the Telegraph Trade Awards, shortlisted for three National Technology Awards, as well as picking up highly commended in Supplier Innovation (Data Management) in the Legal Week Innovation Awards.

The company has continued this trend in 2019, so far being shortlisted for upcoming awards; ‘The National Technology Awards’ and the ‘Mobile Industry Awards’. SaltDNA have also been accepted onto Tech Nation’s first ever Cyber cohort. This six month cohort has been launched to assist ambitious UK cyber companies during the scaling process of their company.

In Q1 of 2019 already the company has closed their largest ever deal and with a very healthy pipeline are on course for the company’s biggest ever year by some distance.

SaltDNA has expanded very quickly in a short space of time. Our go to market strategy is to sell our solution through specialised security providers. SaltDNA only sells through selected partners and never directly to the end customer. Our Partner Agreement has been designed to ensure that both the partners and customers benefit by choosing SaltDNA.

In the past 12 months, we have expanded our partner programme significantly adding new partners in USA, Mexico, Canada, Ireland, UK, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, UAE, Switzerland, Poland, Czech Republic, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Ireland, United Kingdom and Spain.

Our expansion plans also rely on SaltDNA staying ahead of competitors such as Signal, Silent Circle and TigerText. SaltDNA has many advantages/differentiators over competitors, both technically and functionally. The majority of SaltDNA’s competitors operate in the consumer market, offer secure communications for consumer use. SaltDNA only deal with enterprises, and have built their features around this market. A key differentiator that SaltDNA has over competitors is that SaltDNA provides organisations to control who speaks to who within their company. SaltDNA provides a secure management system to ensure companies have complete control over all employees contact lists and communications, making it easier to manage communications, and facilitating the operation of closed user groups.

SaltDNA also offer a number of deployment options for organisations, which is an offering that competitors don’t provide. The SaltDNA Solution is available as a hosted cloud based service or as an on-premise installation within private infrastructure, enterprises have the flexibility to deploy SaltDNA as needs dictate. To that end, SaltDNA Enterprise has a number of different deployment options.

The feature list for SaltDNA is improving constantly, with SaltDNA offering many features that are exclusive to the market such as, secure broadcasting, message/call content archival, closed user groups, file/image transfer, burn functionality (message can be removed from both devices (sender and receiver) by either party regardless of where it originated) and 24/7 support.

SaltDNA have a small team but one that is highly skilled with a very good mix of talented youth and experienced mentors. As a company we ensure that every employee has a small share of ownership of the company. We have found that this has facilitated a real team ethos and provides staff with the motivation to make SaltDNA a success. Our team is filled with drive and determination to grow the company and become a top global Cybersecurity firm.

In 2018 SaltDNA released their secure message broadcast feature which allows customers to transmit live alerts to large groups of users within an organisation. The new broadcasting capability will enable organisations to send messages, share images and documents as well as assign the level of severity to an alert. In order to further highlight critical issues, SaltDNA have allocated different alert tones for different severity levels.

SaltDNA have also announced the imminent release of their secure video calling feature, which will be available later in 2019.

SaltDNA’s product feature releases are often developed based on our close relationships with clients and partners. We continuously work closely with these clients, take in feedback and improve our product based on direct user experience.