New Enterprise Automation Capabilities from SnapLogic Empower IT and Business Teams to Deliver Better, Faster Results
Orchestration/Automation Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
SnapLogic, launched new enterprise automation capabilities that empower employees across the business to quickly and easily connect applications and data, streamline workflows and processes, and deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. For workers in marketing, finance, HR, IT, or any line of business, these new innovations from SnapLogic – including prebuilt, end-to-end process automations; ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) features and a quick-start solution for faster data warehousing; and an intuitive, visual interface powered by machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) – accelerate productivity, data-driven decision making, and business outcomes.

Leading organizations are embracing the cloud, data, and AI to rethink and rewire their businesses. Manual, repetitive tasks are being replaced by automated, digital ones. Data flows freely and business processes run without interruption. Skilled workers are freed up to focus on strategic projects that deliver real business value. As a result, these organizations can see around corners, flex and adapt as needed, and run faster in order to scale up and seize the moment, especially in times of rapid change.

“Automation makes possible what every organization wants: a single source of truth for data-rich decisions; agile innovation that delivers products and services to market faster; exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees; and amazing business results – higher revenue, profit, market share, and competitive standing,” said Gaurav Dhillon, CEO at SnapLogic. “Our new enterprise automation capabilities enable organizations to unlock the power of their applications and data to deliver on the promise of the agile, connected, data-driven enterprise.”

“Organizations are increasingly investing in intelligent automation initiatives to accelerate business transformation and ensure resilience in these times of rapid change,” said Neil Ward-Dutton, VP of AI and Intelligent Process Automation at IDC Europe. “Process and data automation can drive radical improvements in employee productivity, customer experience, business process efficiency, and operational intelligence.”

SnapLogic powers the automated enterprise. The company’s self-service, AI-powered integration platform helps organizations connect applications and data sources, automate common workflows and business processes, and deliver exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. Thousands of enterprises around the world rely on the SnapLogic platform to integrate, automate, and transform their business