Anuta ATOM - Closed-Loop Automation for Multi-Domain, Multi-Vendor Networks at Massive-Scale
Anuta Networks
Orchestration/Automation Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Anuta ATOM software helps Telco’s and Enterprises to deliver network services faster, eliminate human errors, avoid security violations, reduce OpEx, and transform today’s networks into future smarter, self-healing ones.
Anuta ATOM is a modular, extensible, and cloud-native software platform that enables operators to rapidly design and provision network services, collect real-time telemetry, develop deep network analytics, ensure compliance and provide closed-loop automation for multi-vendor physical and virtual infrastructure.
In short, Anuta Networks brings to you – the network automation software that has helped grow the networks of web-scale companies such as Google, Facebook, Amazon AWS.

ATOM Value Proposition:
Enterprises and Service Providers continuously see the need to automate their network services, and there are many solutions to help them build the network from scratch. However, they made an enormous investment in best of breed networking infrastructure from multiple vendors that they can’t afford to replace again and again. And, they can’t rely on niche players who automate network services for a specific use-case or vendor.
Anuta ATOM is the only solution that delivers network analytics, automation, compliance and assurance for existing multi-vendor (45+ vendors) physical and virtual infrastructure and automates all the use-cases including Data Center Automation, InterCloud, Micro-Segmentation, Security as a Service, LBaaS, Campus/Access, Branch/WAN, Service Provider IP/MPLS Edge, Virtual CPE, and NFV.

Anuta ATOM combines the best of model-driven architecture with the latest technologies in microservices and analytics to deliver one of the industry’s most scalable platforms that automates 1 Million+ devices.

Anuta ATOM includes an SDK for ease of developing applications using a sophisticated description language, query interface, and other productivity tools. Anuta ATOM is containerized and can be deployed to manage Small, Medium or Very large-scale networks in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

Anuta ATOM Advantages:
• One of the broadest industry coverage.
• Investment protection for the future demands of IoT, 5G, Multi-Cloud
• Aligned with open standards
• BPMN Compliant Low-Code Automation with Workflow
• Horizontally scalable to automate 1 Million+ devices.
• Ensures a higher and more consistent QoS.
• Flexible to run on any cloud including AWS, Azure, GCP.
• High Resiliency and Auto-Scale
• A powerful interface to define KPIs and corrective actions.
• Collaboration infrastructure for Device, Service Model and Custom App. development

Feature Highlights:
Anuta ATOM is a highly scalable cloud-ready platform for network automation & telemetry. The closed-loop automation in ATOM opens exciting new opportunities to transform today’s networks into future smarter, self-healing ones.

Multi-Vendor Support: Anuta ATOM supports 150+ platforms from 45+ vendors. Anuta ATOM automates brownfield and greenfield deployments of Physical, Virtual, SDN and NFV infrastructure across multiple network domains.

Low-Code Automation: Anuta ATOM leverages BPMN 2.0 for low code automation and simplifies the design of self-service workflows. Creating a workflow is as easy as drawing a Network Diagram in Visio by defining new tasks or picking from a library of available tasks.

Config. Compliance: Anuta ATOM delivers secure configuration backup, simplified change management, scalable configuration push, detailed compliance report, and automated remediation. The solution enables network administrators to improve configuration consistency, minimize policy violations, follow best practices, and accelerate reporting activities.

Telemetry and Analytics: ATOM collects device data through Telemetry, SNMP, SNMP Trap, and Syslog in the order of microseconds. The data from various sources are normalized into a standard yang format, stored in a time-series database and presented in a single unified view. ATOM’s correlation engine will continuously monitor and compare collected data with the baseline data. On any deviation, ATOM can raise alarms on the dashboard, notify on slack, email and other utilities or create tickets.

Closed-Loop Automation: Anuta ATOM applies machine learning algorithms to develop deep analytics and reports. The solution simplifies troubleshooting by providing the context of the entire network. Customers can define KPI metrics and corrective actions to automate SLA compliance.

Cloud-Ready: Anuta ATOM is containerized and can be deployed in public clouds including AWS, Azure, and GCP. ATOM can manage Small, Medium, or Very large-scale networks in private, public and hybrid cloud environments. 

Solution Benefits:

REVENUE: Service providers can use Anuta ATOM to offer highly differentiated network as a service, thus generating new streams of revenue. Enterprises can use the ATOM to accelerate application deployment, thus increasing business agility.

EFFICIENCY: By virtualizing network resources into logical functions, organizations can benefit from lower Capex and Opex.
ON DEMAND: Anuta ATOM offers superior business agility with its on-demand model of network service creation.

SERVICE ASSURANCE: Anuta ATOM monitors, collects, and analyzes telemetry, performance, health, capacity, and availability information from disparate devices. This service level information is compared with baseline behavior to automate the remediation steps to ensure SLA.

MULTI-VENDOR: One of the key benefits of ATOM is device abstraction. Anuta ATOM allows customers to leverage best-of-breed vendor devices for their network and avoid vendor lock-in.

MAXIMIZE ROI / ROA: As Anuta Networks solution works for existing physical network infrastructures, customers can continue to use the devices they have already purchased and still get complete network agility resulting in higher ROI and ROA.

FLEXIBLE DEPLOYMENTS: Anuta ATOM is containerized and can be deployed to manage Small, Medium, or Very large-scale networks in private, public, and hybrid cloud environments.

SCALE & RELIABILITY: Anuta ATOM has a micro-services-based architecture that delivers efficient scalability and reliability.

Ease of Integration:
Northbound, Anuta ATOM includes a comprehensive REST API and is integrated with cloud portals (OpenStack, VMware vRealize, ScienceLogic) and customers’ home-grown portals, billing, documentation, and ticketing systems.
Southbound, Anuta Networks routinely publishes vendor, platform, and technology-specific models adapted from IETF, Open Config or customer developed. Further, Anuta ATOM SDK allows all device models to be developed by customer or partners. For instance, minor extensions can be implemented within hours while adding new vendor device models can take days to a maximum of 2 weeks.

Interoperability with Ecosystem Partners:
Anuta ATOM has been validated with PNF & VNFs from 45+ industry-leading vendors including Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Citrix, Checkpoint, F5, Juniper, Palo Alto Networks, Radware, VMware, etc. supporting hundreds of L2-L7 network functions using CLI, NETCONF, YANG, REST and SNMP.

For a complete list, check out

Anuta ATOM supports multiple NFVI, including VMware, KVM, and OpenStack.

Anuta ATOM is integrated with leading SDN controllers such as Cisco ACI, Juniper Contrail, HPE DCN, Nuage VSP, Open Daylight, Cumulus Networks as well as northbound portals such as OpenStack, VMware vRealize and OSS/BSS using REST API.

Rapid Customer Adoption:

Anuta ATOM received significant traction from Tier-1 SPs and large enterprises.
Our publicly referenceable customers include Tata Communications, Telstra, Japan Post, F5 Networks, Neustar, etc.

Telstra in Australia has multiple ATOM deployments, including 120,000 managed CPE devices roll-out, Multi-vendor data center automation for hundreds of internal departments and cloud interconnect for four global sites.

Tata Communications has deployed Anuta ATOM in their SD-WAN project for 15,000 hybrid CPE devices so far and has the plan to support up to 125,000 CPEs in next two years.

Neustar, a leader in identity and authentication services, has deployed Anuta ATOM to automate their 26 DCs that scrub DDoS attack traffic at 175Gbps for 11K clients.
Japan Post, the Fortune-13 Global Financial Institution, has deployed Anuta ATOM for data center automation in Private Cloud for hundreds of individual departments.

Customer Use-Cases:

Our Top-3 customer use cases are:

Managed Branch Services: Multiple Tier-1 SPs and large enterprises have used Anuta ATOM to offer packaged Virtual CPE to their remote branches. The vCPE included vRouter such as Cisco CSR1000v, Brocade Vyatta and HPE VSR, vFW such as Juniper vSRX, Fortinet and Palo Alto Virtual firewalls, vWanOp such as Riverbed virtual steelhead, Open vSwitch or VMware vSwitch and OpenStack. Many customers also deployed Hybrid CPE, including a combination of legacy Cisco ISRs, Cisco IWAN, and SD-WAN controllers. Anuta ATOM automates multiple network functions such as QoS, Segmentation, Firewall policies, ACLs, IPsec or DMVPN, Policy-Based Routing, Performance Routing, Deep Packet Inspection, WAN Op, Web Security and Zero Touch Deployment for these CPE devices.

Managed Data Center Automation – Anuta ATOM is deployed to offer Infrastructure as a Service in large data centers for use-cases such as Firewall as a Service, Load-Balancer as a Service, On-demand provisioning of L4-L7 ADC controllers and Firewalls, Data Center Interconnect, Provisioning Virtual Data Centers for each tenant as well as integration with SDN controllers including Cisco ACI, Juniper Contrail, HPE DCN, Nuage VSP and F5 BIG-IQ.

Carrier Core Networks Automation – Anuta ATOM automates Virtual PE, Virtual CE, MPLS L2 VPN, L3 VPN and Cloud Interconnects using VNFs from Brocade, Cisco, Ericsson, HPE, Juniper etc.
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