Digital Transformation for a leading Bank from South Africa
Zensar Technologies Ltd.
Digital Transformation Project of the Year
Entry Description
The bank needed to transform itself to offer a more enriched experience to its customers. It needed to eliminate the time taken by its staff to fill in forms and other applications manually-leading to less focus on the customer engagement or relationship building which is integral to the banks growth.
The bank embarked upon a digital transformational journey to become Africa’s most admired bank by 2020 Zensar exhibited true partnership by helping bank in creating an online On-Boarding application and creating great client experience leading to client growth and satisfaction. The team has delivered features like FICA on Card delivery, Locker Card Delivery for new clients.
Zensar implemented ‘Design Thinking’ for right design experience, applicable for banking industry making it a comprehensive and seamless process. As a result of this approach, the Bank was able to achieve increase in overall sales and a visible improvement in customer experience. We strongly feel that the work done impacted its business outcomes and brand image hence it’s something we would like to share with a larger audience.
Customer Challenges /Business Pain Point
• 6 out of 7 desk staff finds the form filling on behalf of the client, time consuming and extremely complex
• 80% of the bank’s staff voiced the user “unfriendly” ness in terms of ease of navigation of the transactional products interface while selling personal loan
• Existing personal loan application is quite convoluted, taking average 27 mins complete the form filling while selling personal loan product.

Solution overview:
1. JAD (Joint Application Design) with users for exploratory research and content audit
2. Interactive mocks and prototypes based on continuous feedback wireframe were created
3. Forms designed as per wireframes with new complex features in a simplified way
4. Delivery under Agile guidelines for FTM (Faster time to market)
Design Thinking Approach:
We followed phases of Design thinking to bring the desired user experience


In order to identify the problem correctly, the team wrote down all the problems on the stickers. After identifying all the problems, we grouped it by a similar symptom (insight), provide a title for each group and figure out the connections between them.


Ideation is at the heart of the UX process in Nedbank. There are several of techniques, for example brainstorming, cuddle, huddle, wireframing and prototyping used. Ideation provides both the fuel and also the source material for building prototypes and getting innovative solutions into the hands of Nedbank users

3. Review
A major part of a designing was to review & collaborate with people, especially business, copywriters & developers. To create a successful product, the entire team was made to be on the same page and in sync.

4. Testing & QA
Testing tool like ‘Invision’ made our much life easier for final testing prototype. We strictly followed User testing and tried to bring real-life scenarios, post that all screens moved to Sprint ready. We also collaborated with Tech-developers to explain every single interaction involved into Sprint ready screens.

The design thinking methodology begins at the Fuzzy Front End of Innovation and is human-centered—based on the needs and wants of real people. Design Thinking can be radically human-centered because it continually talks to real users, gets their feedback, and works to empathize with their wants and needs.

Benefits and Outcomes for the customer:
1. Resulted in 30% reduction in Client Onboarding time
2. Onboarding conversion increased by 3 times
3. 24/7 Banking that is easy, simple and intuitive
4. Client-centered pricing and offerings