BitDam Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) for email, cloud drives and other collaboration platforms
Cloud Security Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
BitDam brings a disruptive approach to cybersecurity which stops malware and phishing threats before they reach end user via cloud email, cloud drives, instant messaging, and other collaboration platforms.
While current cybersecurity solutions are based on knowledge of previous attacks, limiting their ability to detect unknown threats that were not seen before, BitDam’s unique attack-agnostic technology enables it to provide remarkably higher protection, especially when it comes to unknown threats (as soon as they emerge).
This breakthrough cloud-native technology is expected to change the cybersecurity landscape, stopping the arms race between offensive and defensive cyber. BitDam ATP is proven to detect and block the 20-40% of advanced threats that bypass leading email security solutions such as Microsoft’s Office ATP and Proofpoint TAP, helping organizations of all sizes and sectors protect against cyberthreats saving them millions of dollars.

What makes it different?

BitDam’s approach to security is completely opposite to the dominant industry mindset where solutions are designed to react to known threats and behaviors, and where the protective measurements are modeled based on knowledge of past threats.
Instead of chasing after the newest known cyber threats and wait for the next unknown attack, BitDam focuses on what can be known for sure – legitimate applications (such as word, PPT, browsers etc.) and their genuine ways of behavior.
BitDam learns the normal code-level executions of business applications and based on this whitelist, determines whether a file or weblink is malicious or not, regardless of the specific malware it may contain.
This 100% attack-agnostic technology drives remarkably higher protection and allows detection of new attacks at first sight.
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