Zensar’s DevX-an innovative Developer Experience gets results for a progressive bank
Zensar Technologies Ltd.
Open Source/DevOps Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Setting the context
Zensar customer, a progressive bank had a plethora of latest tools and technologies; yet was struggling to manage the overall cost of quality (business goal). The customer team had deployed DevOps with individual state of the art tools, processes and automation, yet the Cost of Quality remained high. They noticed that automation had just sped up the process, leaving the silos intact.
Zensar’s approach-what was innovative?
Zensar introduced ‘DevX’ which is it’s innovative "Developer Experience" framework, which focuses on transforming the implementation from technology to experience.
Traditionally developers work in silos - put in their code, do unit test (if at all) and pass on to QA for testing. They then, move to the next feature. QA does the testing and passes on to Release Manager, who creates the Release and passes on to Operations team. They deploy onto production. This process doesn't bring the end-to-end ownership to a single entity. An issue is everyone’s responsibility and yet no one takes ownership.
Zensar’s ‘DevX’ framework, designed to focus on the experience of Developers/Testers/Release Manager/Operations. They conducted workshops with each to understand their pain points and how their work can be streamlined by eliminating any manual steps so that they can focus on what they do best.With this developer understanding, we integrated the existing toolset and gave one-tool-per-role, to focus on the experience.
For e.g. IDE was made the experience focus for a Developer - and all toolset (Source Code, Agile Sprint, CI System, Deployment) was made available through the IDE. For a Release Manager, Jira became the experience focus - all Release Management activities could be carried out from this one tool.

Thus, the focus moved from toolset to experience.
Next, we focused on you-code-it, you-build-it, you-maintain-it mentality, thereby bringing in complete ownership of Release/Feature/User story.
If a developer wrote lousy code, he would have to explain how to deploy it and would be called in when it broke in Production. Next step was to enable QA and Security in all aspects of the software delivery. Each feature/user story was self-tested by everyone for it's quality and security.

Benefits to customer or Project Outcomes

The bank now had a developer focused outlook, tailored processes, could leverage their existing tech investments. This made the developers happier in the overall process.
• 10% reduction in the cost of quality (from 25% to under 15%)
• Over a phased plan of 6 months, the cost of quality gradually reduced by 10% (from 25% to under 15%)
The bank was able to meet its business goals effectively, in a cost-effective way, which also helped in happier customers.
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