Cloud Maker: Diagrams to Code
Cloud Maker
Cloud Automation Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Cloud Maker is completely transforming the way that businesses and IT professionals design and deploy complex cloud solutions. Cloud Maker is a powerful cloud automation platform that turns the complexity of writing Infrastructure-as-Code and complex DevOps processes into the simplicity of drawing a cloud solution diagram.

To deploy complex cloud solutions at scale, engineers and businesses currently have to adopt complex infrastructure-as-code languages and DevOps practices. Whilst these technologies are hugely powerful; there is a significant shortage of skills available that can work with these technologies. This lack of skills is known as the Cloud Skills Gap, and is the single biggest problem facing CIOs globally, inhibiting their ability to digitally transform.

Cloud Maker takes an entirely novel approach to Cloud Automation. Currently, most automation technologies focus on code generation and require engineers to be experts in Cloud Infrastructure-as-Code. Cloud Maker, on the other hand, leverages the existing skills of engineers by enabling them to draw a cloud diagram using the Cloud Maker diagramming interface, configure the diagram visually, and then deploy to the cloud without having to write a single line of Infrastructure-as-Code.

At its heart, Cloud Maker leverages a proprietary universal compiler that can take a diagram and convert it automatically to the Infrastructure-as-Code language of choice - whether its Azure ARM, AWS Cloud Formation, Google Cloud Manager Templates or even Terraform!

Not content with a visual design interface and automatic code generation, Cloud Maker also has machine learning built-in. Trained on millions of infrastructure-as-code templates, the Cloud Maker machine learning model understands how cloud solutions fit together and guide engineers to diagram valid cloud solutions. This AI assistance helps further close the cloud skills gap.

Cloud Maker breaks with conventional ideas and processes in its field. Currently, the majority of automation solutions are aimed at engineers that understand how to code, but completely neglect engineers that either don't have the time to wrangle with complicated and often messy Infrastructure-as-Code languages or simply don't have the skills to do so. If it's not a coding language, then the automation platform is a traditional forms-based "control panel" that does not fit seamlessly into the engineers' normal cloud design processes.

Instead, Cloud Maker has analysed how engineers work within a cloud solution workflow. What is clear is that every engineer, whether cloud skilled or not, always starts their cloud journey by diagramming the infrastructure they need to build. Traditionally this is in standalone diagramming apps like Microsoft Visio or Lucid Chart.

Now with Cloud Maker, engineers can draw their diagrams (with AI assistance), configure their cloud solution visually, and then either export the automatically generated Infrastructure-as-Code or use the in-built deployment engine to deploy to the cloud.

This unique AI-assisted cloud diagramming, configuration and deployment approach completely transforms the way that businesses and engineers can design and deploy cloud solutions. Taking a process that takes days and turning it into a seamless workflow completed in minutes. This massively increases the productivity of existing cloud skilled engineers as well as enabling lower-skilled engineers to access cloud technologies that were previously inaccessible.

Cloud Maker is benefiting customers across the globe with over 3000 users already signed up and partnerships with Ingram Micro and Microsoft (and in use by over 200 of Microsofts own Cloud Solution Architects). Cloud Maker is enabling businesses globally to digitally transform, democratising the cloud and closing the Cloud Skills gap.
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