iXsystems Unveils Industry’s Fastest OpenZFS Storage System with Launch of TrueNAS M60
iXsystems, Inc.
Storage Hardware Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
For this award program, iXsystems is submitting the TrueNAS M60. The M60 is a unified storage system powered by the significantly faster TrueNAS 12.0 operating system (OS) that delivers on today's demands for affordable capacity, security, and performance. The TrueNAS M60 represents a leap forward in OpenZFS storage performance to meet demanding virtualization, multimedia, and backup applications.

Through decades of expertise in system design and development of Open Source software (FreeNAS, FreeBSD, OpenZFS, and TrueNAS), iXsystems has become an innovation leader in high availability storage and servers powered by Open Source solutions. With over one million deployments and backed by the legendary ZFS file system, TrueNAS offers the stability and reliability required for Backup, Multimedia, Cloud Hosting, Virtualization, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, and more. Since the founding of iXsystems in 2002, thousands of companies, universities, and government organizations have come to rely on the company’s enterprise servers, TrueNAS Open Storage, and consultative approach to building IT infrastructure and Private Clouds with Open Source economics.

The TrueNAS M60 unified storage system is built for enterprises requiring maximum storage performance. The system is available with single or dual-controllers and hybrid, fusion, or all-flash drive configuration. The M60 achieves over 20GB/s and 1 Million IOPS, making it the fastest open storage system in the industry. The system also includes the all-new high-performance TrueNAS Open Storage 12.0 operating system featuring multi-layer enterprise security.

The TrueNAS M60 Powered by TrueNAS Open Storage 12.0 is the industry's fastest OpenZFS Storage System on the market. The system is designed for midsize and enterprise organizations that require high performance, affordability, flexibility, functionality, and the reliability to keep pace with data growth. With the M60 and TrueNAS 12.0, iXsystems is leading the trend in Open Storage as the company improves Open Source economics for partners and enterprise customers.

1. The M60 is powered by TrueNAS 12.0 OS, making it the fastest OpenZFS-based storage system available with all of the economic benefits of an open source storage platform.

2. TrueNAS M60 delivers multi-layer enterprise security with dataset encryption for ultra-secure remote replication; Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) for drives and datasets; two-factor authentication; API keys for TrueCommand, vSphere, and other REST API systems, and Open VPN Client and Server Integration.

3. The TrueNAS M60 achieves over 20GB/s and 1 Million IOPS through its improved software and the latest hardware technology.

4. The system scales to 20 Petabytes of hybrid HDD/NVMe raw capacity or 4 PB affordable all-flash capacity per rack and provides 64 Cores with up to 1.5TB of RAM, 12.8 TB of NVMe Flash and 4 x 32GB NVDIMMs

5. TrueNAS M60 is unified storage that deliver block, file and object storage to support the widest array of workloads.
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