Cynet 360 V4.0 Unified Cyber-Threat Solution
Cloud Security Innovation of the Year
Entry Description
Cybersecurity professionals today deploy multiple prevention and detection technologies to defend an endless variety of vulnerabilities and attacks to endpoints, networks, users and data. While these tools generally do a fine job preventing and detecting the vast majority of cyber-attacks, they continue to miss the edge cases – the difficult to identify attacks that slip through the cracks between these point solutions. Visibility across the environment and understanding the context of security data and alerts is required to solve this complex problem.

Cynet 360 V4.0 is the new generation autonomous breach prevention platform now features XDR, 24/7 Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and full Response Automation, improving cyber threat detection accuracy while reducing the complexity and overhead required for comprehensive defense and mitigation of sophisticated and subversive cyber-attacks.

Cynet 360 V4.0 is setting new standards in the cybersecurity space. Advanced capabilities include:

• Full Threat Visibility: Cynet 360 V4.0 provides complete visibility across the entire environment. The detection power achieved by natively combining signals and data from multiple sources simply cannot be matched by siloed, point protection solutions. Even the most subversive attacks are fully exposed with pinpoint accuracy by Cynet.

• Complete Cyber Threat Prevention and Detection: Cynet 360 V4.0 provides multiple, integrated
prevention technologies to block standard and advanced attacks across the environment. Deception
technology is also built-in to entice cybercriminals that have penetrated the network into exposing
themselves before they do real damage.

• Incident Orientation: Centralizing the signals from multiple detection sources allows Cynet 360 V4.0 to
group related alerts and data into incidents. Incidents include all related alerts and indicators of
compromise (IOCs) related to an attack and fully automates root cause analysis, threat impact
determination and remediation actions.

• Response Automation: Cynet 360 V4.0 provides fully automated response tools for crossenvironment
investigation and remediation. Investigations are fully automated - first determining the
root cause and then analyzing the full breadth and impact of the threat.

New to Cynet 360 is the unique and insightful Incident Engine(1), an automated response capability that
produces a visual map of an entire incident investigation and response. In as little as five minutes, the
advanced tool automatically performs a full incident response workflow, including root cause analysis, full threat impact determination and all necessary remediation actions – significantly reducing the mean total time to contain and eliminate real threats.
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